Maisie Jumble wants a friend

How to make a Jumble

For Mums and Dads

I have written this as a shared 'read with mum/dad' activity.

The instructions are part of a little story about Maisie Jumble which you can read with your child.

The basic Jumble is easy for you to make with your child. It requires no cutting, sticking or sewing. All you need is one or two pairs of tights, some hair bobbles and stuffing. The inside of a pillow is fine for this.

Once you have made the basic toy then you can get as complicated as you like but please remember that the idea of the Jumble Programme is to encourage children to think for themselves.

To try things out. To be creative and resourceful. To learn from mistakes and not be discouraged.

Let them lead the way. Help when necessary. Ask them, 'what do you think ...?'

There's lots of twisting and turning, tying, pulling and pushing involved in the basic construction. The process will develop fine motor skills and coordination and vocabulary. Older children will learn new skills as they become more inventive, using new materials, designing different shapes and decorating their Jumbles.

I haven't 'spoon fed' the instructions! Please let your child help Maisie, offering their own suggestions and making their own choices. There are no rights or wrongs.

For example, although I have used hair bobbles to make the bobbly arms, rubber bands, wool and string could all be used as alternatives.

Let them try the different options and see for themselves that the results are different. Then they can choose which option they prefer.

Maisie Jumble

If you want to find Maisie then look up at the ceiling!

Can you see her hanging from the beams or looping her leg over the curtain rail? Or maybe she's in your bathroom hanging from the shower rail? Or maybe she's out in the garden climbing trees.

Maisie Jumble never sits still and she's hardly ever the right way up! She is happiest turning cartwheels down the hall or standing on her head!

Even when Maisie sits down she like to be busy reading or drawing or making things.

Maisie really likes making things.

Today Maisie is going to make a friend to play with.

Are you going to help her?

She would like that.

Big image

This is Maisie's Jumble Box

What can you see in the box?

Why is it called a Jumble Box?

Big image

What is Maisie doing now?

Maisie needs some help again!

The Jumble looks funny doesn't it !

Maisie has stuffed the top of the tights but is not sure what to do next.

What do you think?

Big image

Now we need to give the Jumble a face. What will Maisie need to put on the face?

Big image
Big image
Big image

Would you like a Jumble friend ?

Now you have helped Maisie make her friend you are ready to make one of your own.

Have a look in your Jumble Box.

Don't worry if you can't find the same things as Maisie.

It's cool to be different!