Invisibility Performance Task

What does it mean to be invisible?

I am Invisible by Macie Wayne

"When you look at me, can you see my invisibility? Or is it all just in my mind, and is it me, myself, that keeps me blind?

Or is it that my feelings are so unjust, or is it really the color of my skin that you don't trust?

So tell me what it is that I need to do, to prove to society that I am just like you?" (Wayne)

This short clip of the poem "I am Invisible" shows what it means to be invisible. This is because it talks about how the narrator, or author feels. This shows that the author is not trusted and is being ignored which makes the author feel as if she is invisible. Even if it is metaphorical it still makes people feel invisible. It does show though that to be invisable you are left out and ignored.

Homeless Children adapted by Newsela

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 1.1 million school children do not have a fixed address. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) counts the number of families living on the street, in shelters or in cars at a specific point in time, coming up with a total of about 138,149 homeless children.

(Stateline- adapted by Newsela)

This piece of the article “Homeless Children” shows what it is like to be invisible because it talks about how there are people living in the streets and 1.1million people have no home. This shows how these people are in a sense invisible because if we saw what was going on and recognized them we wouldn’t have 1.1 million people who don't have a proper home. Which makes them as if they really are invisible to some people in the world.

The Circuit

"Suddenly I noticed papa's face turn pale as he looked down the road. "Here comes the school bus," he whispered loudly in alarm. Instinctively , Roberto and I ran and hid in the vineyards." (Jimenez)

I believe this shows that people are invisible and what it is like to be invisible. I believe it does because it talks about these young children that don't go to school, they have to run and hide just so the school bus doesn't see them. This shows how this population can be invisible because no one even knows that there are these children because they are hiding from everyone. So they are almost invisible to everyone, besides there parents. This is mainly because they are being hidden from anyone outside of there family to know that they are there. I think that this piece of text evidence clearly shows why there is an invisible population and what the invisible population does.


What does it mean to be invisible? How can you raise awareness about invisible populations?

What it means to be invisible is that nobody's doing anything to help them, or people are being ignored. We know this from the multiple pieces of text evidence above. But how can you raise awarness about it it is a wholenother thing. What can be done is we can talk about it more. People have to stop walking right by a kid or person who is homeless and in need. We know this is an issue that has to stop.


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