Romeo and Juliet

By: Jacob Whitney

Why Romeo and Juliet died.

The feud of the two families is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The reason the feud is to blame is because if there was never a feud between the families Romeo and Juliet could have been in love and would've not keep it a secret from their families. Romeo and Juliet could have gotten married without having to be secret about it, and they could of also of lived longer together. When Romeo and Juliet first met at the party “That i must love a loathed enemy”(1.5.155) . Ever Since Romeo and Juliet met at the party they fell in love and could not be away from each other. Because of the feud there was a lot of unnecessary violence. Since Tybalt killed Mercutio and Romeo kill Tybalt this wouldn't of happen if there wasn't a feud. Romeo killed Tybalt he and was vanished “ Gentle Mercutio, put thy rapier up”(3.1.80). If there weren’t sides in the town the people wouldn't of lost as much people.

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Comparing Romeo and Juliet to Edward and Bella

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In the movie series twilight there are two sides this relates to Romeo and Juliet because one person loves the other but they are on the other side. Also in Romeo and Juliet they cant be together of the sides just like in Twilight. If there whernt two sides in both of the story's both characters couldn't be in love.


In the story of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was like a freshman girl he liked anything that walked same for Juliet. Romeo was first in love Roseline then not even a day after he fell in love with Juliet. Romeo cares about family in the story of romeo and Juliet because when mercutio died he went and killed tybalt because he loves his family. In the end Romeo dies because he cared about his family.