RILINK Newsletter

May 2020

RILINK's Vision & Mission Statements

RILINK debuted its new vision and mission statements on the banner for the website.

Gardening Collection

To brighten your day, RILINK has curated a collection of gardening resources in Collections by Destiny. The collection is viewable by anyone with the link.

Professional Learning Survey

The RILINK Summer Conference will be virtual to address the social distancing guidelines expected to be in place for the foreseeable future. We need your input to plan for this event. Additionally, questions about professional learning opportunities for the 2020-21 school year have been included.

Please complete this survey to help us with planning. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. It is available through Friday, May 8.

New Professional Learning Resources

RILINK has updated its Professional Learning guide to highlight an expanded list of offerings. In addition to what we offer as a member of the Educator Course Network, we have added links to other state and national professional resources.

Professional Learning Requests

To request either onsite or virtual professional learning sessions visit on the RILINK website. Links to separate forms to request sessions for yourself or a group of teachers are now available.

LORI Certification Update

Important information for all RILINK/LORI member libraries and for anyone interested in joining!

The OLIS/LORI certification window for school libraries is July 15 - September 30. This year OLIS is using a new software platform called LibPAS, and training will be provided in early July. The credentials for you to submit certification data to OLIS will be emailed on July 1. This email will be sent to only one email address, and that address will be your library’s RILINK email address.

Please view this screencast to learn more about RILINK email addresses, including how to forward them to the email account of your choice.

If you set up email forwarding of your RILINK email to your school email account, send a test email to make sure it is working. You may have to check with your tech department to make sure there are no filtering issues that would prevent those forwarded emails.

If you have any questions about your RILINK/LORI email, please contact us using the RILINK Help Request.

Over 200 BookLynx eBooks and Digital Audio Books Added in April

Check out the over 200 new eBooks and digital audio titles recently added to RILINK at Find directions for adding BookLynx eBooks and digital audio books to your collection at When adding new eBooks and audio books to your collection, sort by date added in descending order to see the newest titles. You will see three dates for items added in April (4/29, 4/21 and 4/2).

As always, Donna Good looks forward to receiving your requests and recommendations. Just fill out the form at

PebbleGo Pricing and Offerings Changing

Capstone will be launching a new module called PebbleGo Health in August 2020. The new Health module will replace the existing PebbleGo Dinosaurs module, and Dinosaurs will roll into the Animals module. Also, PebbleGo Next will be 508 compliant and mobile friendly, and students and teachers using PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next will be able to toggle easily between databases.

Get the order forms and other information on our site at The form is password protected, and the password has been sent in email to the list.

Capstone is now offering PebbleGo bundle pricing options. Bundle options are

  • Bronze: all five PebbleGo modules (Animals, Science, Social Studies, Biographies, Health) $1,234.05 annually
  • Silver: all five PebbleGo modules, plus one add-on product (see list below) $1,709,05 annually
  • Gold: all five PebbleGo modules, plus two add-on products (see list below) $1,899.05 annually
  • Platinum: all five PebbleGo modules, plus all three add-on products: $2,279.05 annually

Add-on products are


RILINK Schools users may reuse boxes or pages for the RITBA 2021 and RICBA 2021 nominated titles. They can be found on the Webster High School guide. Remember to copy the boxes/pages so that you can edit them. The titles have all been added to Book from Catalog if you would like to create your own pages. As soon as the RIMSBA list becomes available, it will be added.

The RI Book Award nominees are also posted on the RILINK website.

Looking toward the future

Usernames and Passwords

Usernames must be unique throughout Destiny, not just for your site or even for your district. Starting this fall, we would like everyone to consider using two or three letters from the district or library name, plus local the student ID (LASID, same as lunch number), for example wes13456, as usernames for students. This can be difficult for students in grades K -3, but this username can be carried through the students' entire K-12 education, as long as they stay in the same district. Every other scheme we have tried produces duplicate usernames, sometimes in the same district or even the same Destiny site. For teachers and staff, their username could be the same format, two or three letters for the district and then their local employee number or state number, as long as it can be sent in the update files.

Passwords do not have to be unique, but they do have to be something that can be the same scheme for all students, either their first name, the local login name, or the same password for everyone. For security reasons, teacher passwords should use a different scheme other than that used for students, possibly repeating the username as the password, or alternatively, again using the local network login as the password. We have set up a padlet at to continue discussion of this issue. Please let us know your thoughts and concerns. We are working to make updating and using student and faculty Destiny records as smooth as possible.

Needs for Online Resources: eBooks, Digital Audio Books, Databases

What are your students and teachers using during this time of free access and free trials? Should you consider asking for funding to continue some of the best/most popular? Although funding is tight, and will probably get tighter, can you make a good case for what they need? If you don't ask, you will never know what you might have gotten. What does your wish list look like?

Can we provide any feedback, including stories about their use/effectiveness, for our own use and to share with the vendors? Do you have any stories to share?

RILINK Billing for the Upcoming Year

At the beginning of May, we will start sending out invoices for the upcoming year. Many districts will not receive separate invoices for each school but rather one invoice with a breakdown of costs by school. This is to save processing costs and time for RILINK staff and to provide a district overview for administration. A number of districts pay all or part of RILINK costs from the district technology budget. When you receive your billing, please get back to Dorothy Frechette ( with any questions, changes, or concerns.

Updated cost sheets and order forms for the subscriptions aggregated by RILINK are being posted on our web site by vendor at Members will be notified by email to the RILINK list when they are available, along with the password to access them.

Alternative Access to AskRI Resources

Some members have reported issues accessing AskRI resources from home. World Book is often the example they give. World Book authenticates based on where it thinks your connection originates. For many cell phone connections and some cable providers, it thinks that the access is coming from out of state, so it asks for your public library card number. If students are trying to access on their cell phones, they should try a WiFi connection to cable if possible. If this is not possible, they will need their public library card number. This applies to all resources on

If students or teachers do not have a public library card, the directions for signing up for a card online are located at (Scroll down the page for the application form.) Applications are processed as quickly as possible by public library staff who will let patrons know when their new cards are ready.

Distance Learning Highlights

We know how busy you are; so here are a few highlights from the Distance Learning Resources guide. Check out "What's New in Resources" to find links to these offers and more.

  • RIDE has partnered with Discovery Education
  • Canva is offering a free Pro version to educators
  • EBSCO has provided access to over 10,000 simultaneous-use eBooks
  • Infobase Feature Films & The Source (formerly Credo) have been added to the trial
  • and more...

Karen will continue to send out updates when new resources become available.

Helpline for Parents

RILINK staff are helping to support the parent helpline. Please make sure your parents are aware of this service.
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