Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to my friends and family.

Happy new year all! This one is going out to all my friends and family. I wanted to share with you why I started with Chloe + Isabel jewelry.

I got started with Chloe + Isabel jewelry in September 2015 to earn some extra cash for my family to help pay off some debts and get a little farther ahead than he had been. It seems that so far I have put more money in than I have made but I guess that's to be expected with a new business venture.

2015 brought some interesting events. We made the decision to move to Bradenton, Florida sometime in early 2014 and put this plan into action. We were done with Kissimmee. After much trial and tribulation we finally had the house on the market. After several months and 2 realtors later we finally sold the house.

I had been looking for work since we put the house on the market and got a job out here in Bradenton at the end of june 2014 to start in July 2015. So I moved without my husband and stayed with my in-laws and started working.

Eric finally moved out here a couple of months before Christmas and we were both staying with my in-laws. During t the 2014 holiday season we lost Buddy to cancer. Such as sad occasion. I miss him to this day.

We looked for homes and in one day we found the perfect turn key house for us. It is a remodeled 1983 ranch style home with a yard and a pool in a quiet neighborhood in our desired area, North West Bradenton. We moved in in early March are very happy here.

Not too long after we got Marty. Marty is a rescue Rat Terrier from a home with 7 dogs in Lakeland. He was 2 years old at the time we got him. He's quite a character and has his own distinct personality for sure! But we love him!

Moving in and getting organized has been along haul and still goes on today.

In June I found out that my grandfather had metastatic cancer of the bones and had just started in home hospice care. This was the first I heard of his illness. My grandmother had dementia which I suspected for a couple of years.

I got a new job in September that allowed me to be more flexible so I could go visit my grandparents more frequently and help them out as I could which I did and got their finances to be paid as automatically as possible and took care of paying their taxes and things such as that.

My job is with a nursing agency that allows me way more flexibility than being scheduled a month to six weeks ahead of time not allowing any flexibility to help my grandparents I am enjoying it. And because of this job I was able to spend every holiday with my family after 15 years of working one or more winter holidays. What a blessing that has been!

My grandfather died shortly before thanksgiving in his sleep. He was 97. I went the next day to help my grandmother with the final funeral arrangements. They didn't want a funeral. So there was no memorial. Thankfully his two sons were able to see him before he died.

I share my story with you because I wanted you to know why I am working so hard to promote my business. I have looked to you, my friends and family for purchases and jewelry parties both in home and online. While I know that you will continue to purchase from me, I know that I need to expand my reach. I am calling on you, my friends and family, to share my boutique with YOUR friends and family. Help me to expand my business so that I may achieve my goals.

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2015: The Year in c+i Design