Bad Friend Hell

By: Gillian M., Nick D., Michaela L., Madie F.

Circle One-"Fickle Friends"

Sin: uncommitted; not reliable; one who bails out on plans

Punishment: put on a human grater to be turned into a "flake" (hence "flaky friends")

Terrain: endless mountains of graters, therefore the sinner will continuously be falling down the graters, being turned into a flake

Sinners: Taylor Callum ("Cowbells"), White rabbit ("Alice in Wonderland"), Rico ("Hannah Montana"), Nick ("Mistle-tones")

Machinery: Giant jails surrounding the mountains to remind the sinners of the way they bailed out on their friends.

Circle Two-"Never-giver-backers"

Sin: doesn't give items back that are borrowed; i.e.-clothes

Punishment: stripped completely naked; constantly being blown and beaten by thick, blizzard winds

Terrain: endless plain; constant blizzard; below freezing temperatures

Sinners: Rebecca ("Zoey 101"), Bela ("Supernatural"), Homer Simpson ("The Simpsons"), Dewey ("Legally Blonde")

Machinery: A catapult flings clothes at the sinners, but as soon as they grab them, the clothing disintegrates and disappears, taunting them for eternity

Circle Three-"Friends Who Throw You Under The Bus"

Sin: rats others out; makes others take all of the blame; puts someone else at fault constantly

Punishment: constantly being pushed into the middle of a road with continuous traffic of buses; endlessly being run over

Terrain: never-ending roads; in the middle of the desert

Sinners: Cam ("Modern Family"), Gretchen ("Mean Girls"), Squidward ("Spongebob"), Candace ("Perks of Being a Wallflower")

Machinery: rats scurry around the landscape, attacking the ran-over victims (hence "rat others out")

Circle Four-"Bullies"

Sin: constantly putting others down; making fun of others

Punishment: giant takes two bullies in both hands, & constantly smashes them together

Terrain: groggy, foggy lagoon; humid area

Sinners: Dudley ("Harry Potter"), Monique ("She's the Man"), Draco Malfoy ("Harry Potter"), The Juicer ("Hannah Montana")

Machinery: Nelson from the Simpsons to laugh at sinners as they are punished; giants has massive, rough calluses on his hands that peel away skin from the sinner's back as they are pounded together

Circle Five-"Big Mouth"

Sin: can't keep a secret; tells others personal information

Punishment: zipper is sewn onto sinners mouth so they are permanently unable to ever open their mouth again

Terrain: endless desert; sinners constantly wandering through scorching heat

Sinners: Jo Harvelle ("Supernatural"), Georgina Sparks ("Gossip Girl"), the Father in ("My Big Fat Greek Weding"), Marianne ("Easy A")

Machinery: John Larson- created lie detecter.

Circle Six-"2 Faced Friends"

Sin: acting one way with someone and a different way with others

Punishment: face is split apart, gradually ripped in half, sewn back together, then repeat for eternity

Terrain: sinners are locked in a prison with walls, ceilings, and floors of mirrors, therefore they are able to see themselves being torn apart

Sinners: Cady Heron ("Mean Girls"), Ruby ("Supernatural"), Harvey Dent ("Batman"), Marty Wolf ("Big Fat Liar")

Machinery: Skeletons performing the operation to emphasize how the sinner is cowardly and spineless

Circle Seven-"Fake Friends"

Sin: completely pretend to be friends with someone; use people

Punishment: sinners are turned into mannequin through a strategic process in a factory, the, they are put under a scorching sun so that they gradually melt

Terrain: desert area; dry; blazing hot

Sinners: London's fake friends ("Suite life of Zack and Cody"), Karen Smith ("Mean Girls"), Ryder Daniels ("Victorious"), Claire Riley ("Crazy, Stupid, Love")

Machinery: Mrs. George ("Mean Girls") torments the sinners while they melt by glazing them with tar

Circle Eight-"Backstabbers"

Sin: betray others

Punishment: tied to a rope pulley, then constantly being dropped on their backs on a bed of spikes; being stabbed in the back for eternity

Terrain: flat, endless plains with pits for spikes

Sinners: Metatron ("Supernatural"), Gordon Walker ("Supernatural"), Side Show Bob ("The Simpsons"), Ava Wilson ("Supernatural")

Machinery: Judas guards this circle, and he is also responsible for controlling the pulley; demons lie near the spikes and constantly are sharpening them

Circle Nine-"Significant Other Stealers"

Sin: steal significant others of other people

Punishment: heart is ripped out; demons perform operation of the removal of the heart; heart is then replaced with acid so then the body is slowly eaten away

Terrain: large hospital; spotty electricity so lights are constantly flickering; all sinners are tied to operating table, with demons performing the operation of removing the heart;

Sinners: Regina George ("Mean Girls"), Ursula ("Little Mermaid"), Vivian Kensington ("Legally Blonde"), Damon Salvatore ("The Vampire Diaries")

Machinery: Devil- Regina George, Demons- look like doctors who are performing the punishments.