By:deaven bello

Brazil Facts

One of my dream vacations have always been to go to Brazil and learn new languages and just see a new country.Brazil is located in south america. Its not really a great place but it is in my opinion. you just get to see so many different things and religions and soccer just a lot of different stuff.


it would take 11h and 45minutes to get from Texas to Brazil. it is 4,498 miles away thats alot.If i could take anybody it would be wilder, and bethany. to get there of course i would take a plane. I would most likely stay for about 8 days.


When we finally got there i would rent like a really cool house or cabin or something. I would be staying at a location where i could get out and see a lot of the religon and things that are in public places. I wouldnt really need to pack anything special just the usual stuff you would pack on vacation.


to there though o would need, $700,000 because of food and all the other things.


one thing i have always wanted to do is go on a very long zip line. but the is a lot of thing you could do while you were there like tours see the big statue and take a tram. one really unique destination is that you can visit a big statue that people worship.