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In the Elizabethan Era

Fashion of Elizabethan Era

The Elizabethan Era was a highly fashion-conscious age, and prized a look that was elaborate, artificial, stylized, and striking. Men and women alike were concerned to be wearing the latest and most fashionable outfits. Elizabethan dress was gorgeous and elaborate, mirroring the prosperity and energy of the age. Queen Elizabeth herself provided an extravagant fashion model - an inventory of her clothing in 1600 included almost 300 gowns and several hundred other costumes, in addition to state apparel. Towards the end of her reign, English dress became increasingly exaggerated, following the eccentric tastes of the aging queen.

Woman's Fashion

Women in the Elizabethan times had many different ways of showing their fashion styles. Elements such as puffy sleeves, tight-fitting bodices of dresses, and ruffles showed status in society. They also used different types of clothing to make themselves appear more petite than they actually were. In addition, Elizabethan women wanted their clothing to look much like that of the men, with broad shoulders, wide hips, and slim waists.

Elizabethan Vintage:

Fashion has a peculiar way of reinventing itself in new forms that are reminiscent of times far behind us. Bridal fashion most definitely is no exception to this! As our dresses are streaming into the shop from our market orders we have been noting a very interesting era that seems to be exerting its presence upon the dresses this season. The era is from the Elizabethan age, a time referring to British history in the 16th century, when Queen Elizabeth the 1st ruled and made her mark on fashion. Hoop skirts, Princess Diana sleeves, true ballgowns, corset backs; ruffles of every kind are just a few of our modern day styles that we have to thank the Elizabethan era for. Below are a few of our current gowns in our store that can trace their roots back to this fabulous time in fashion!