Different Data Types


Integer and Float

Integer doesn't allow negative values and is a whole number, not a fraction. Integer are used to determine the location of items within a array.

Float-The decimal data type can store a maximum of 38 digits. Float is used for money, math equations and mostly questions, but is not accurate numbers. Float is stored as a four byte.


String, is a data type that is traditionally a sequence of characters and sometimes like variables. It can be mutated and can be changed. When string appears in source code, it is then known as anonymous string.

List and Character

List- List is a abstract data type and is called list as it is a list or sequence. In list data some value may be repeated. List is also mathematical concept, but can be a basic example of containers.

Character-This is used for when you only need to use single characters. It doesn't need the overhead of string. They are also printable and displayable characters. String and character both use Unicode but string use indefinite number of character.


Boolean- Boolean has two data types and two values that represent the truth values of logic and Boolean algebra. Boolean was made in the 19th century by George Boole. Boolean dat is mostly logic.