Beginning Teacher Seminar

Lincoln County School District

Using Formative Assessment & Data to Plan & Deliver Instruction

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 4:30-7:30pm

2315 N Coast Hwy

Newport, OR

You will be compensated for your time at curriculum rate of pay ($24.61 per hour) since we are requiring your attendance after your contract work time. A light dinner will be provided.

The following have been assigned to attend:
Rohan Cordy, Emily Small, Theresa Chirgwin, Shannon Helmricks, Tiffany Stuart, Kyle Rakoz, Cherie Gervais, Anna Zimmerman, Ali Kurt, Coley Wallin, Lauren Nixon, Julia Cieslak, Eddie Townsend, Nichole Hoffman, John McIntyre, Cassie Nickerson, Kelsey Triner, Courtney Baker, Emily Smith, Linda Parker, Tia Maslen, Rebecca Hatfield, Angie Kay, Kelsey Culbertson, Nick Culbertson, Rachel Martin, Lisa Nicosia, Mychaela Olson, Kalee Adams

Contact your mentor with any questions!