The Walking Dead Fandom

Tony Mejia

The Walking Dead

Background information-

The Walking Dead began as a comic book series in October 2003. It was written by Robert

Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard. The show was aired in 2010. The show takes place in America and follows a former cop Rick Grimes who wakes up from a coma. The show revolves around his group and their struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse. The show airs on AMC.

Target Audience

The target audience for The Walking Dead is mostly young adults and adults. The show is rated R but that doesn't stop kids from watching the graphic show. This show is perfect for people who are attracted to horror and gore. The show was most likely targeted for adults because it's very bloody and has many themes that only adults would understand. The people in the fandom group will be more younger adults than older people.

Language and Jargon of the Fandom

Walkers- The infected on the show are called walkers.

Biters- Another name for the infected.

Pookie- A nickname for Daryl. Only said once, on the Season 4 premiere, from Carol to Daryl. But you don’t need to say a thing like Pookie twice for it to stick.

Rickyl- A fan term for the beloved bromance of “brothers” Rick and Daryl.

Caryl — The most-used shipper term for Daryl and Carol.

Fandom Artwork

There has been many cosplay gatherings that have taken place. People usually dress up as their favorite character or an actual zombie. You can browse and buy many things at those gatherings. There is food, magazines, figurines, and you can also look at some good costumes.

Social Media

The show has many social media. Their username on twitter is @WalkingDead_AMC. They have millions of people who follow their twitter for updates and information about upcoming episodes. They have already created a theme park that serves as the overall theme of Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort’s annual Halloween event. Event runs Sept. 20 through Nov. 2.


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The Walking Dead has many types of merchandise available. They sell shirts, figurines, jewelry, toys like weapons, CDs, and bags. The best selling type of merchandise is shirts and other type of clothing. It is very popular because it's cheap and it comes in many colors and designs.

Unathurized Sellers

There's many unauthorized sellers that sell all the stuff an official website sells. Those unauthorized sellers make large amounts of money because they become more popular from having great prices.

Other Sources of Revenue

They have meetings they hold once in a while. They produce a lot of money because people actually show up and pay up. They have also created video games that are very popular.

Other Merchandise

They are already selling so many different things. The walking dead theme can be found on everything like pencils, journals, books, computers, stickers, gaming, and much more things.


The future is not as good. Walking dead will become dead after it ends like any other show. They will lose popularity and nobody will like them.


The walking dead has been very popular and everybody has seen it. It is a show that everybody enjoys to watch and gets into. Who doesn't love watching a zombie show?


This show has many big themes like violence, family, courage, and fear. The biggest one is family and it relates to fandom in the way that makes fans closer to each other as if they were a big family.

Most Known Charcters

The most famous characters are Daryl, Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Michonee, Carl, and Carol. They are very memorable because they have been in that show for more than 5 seasons.


There's many active forums who still talk about the show heavily and share new ideas. Sone of the forums are,, and


There is some backlash against my topic like any other topic. Some people might not enjoy it because it's too violent and has too much gore.

Why are people willing to spend their money on merchandise?

The Walking Dead is a great show that keeps making great episodes and makes people get really into it. They do a great job in highlighting character and making people fall in love with them. People spend their money on their merchandise because they get really into it and truly fall in love with the show.

Common Thread

All the topics are among the most popular in their genre. They are at the top of the charts like Taylor swift and Justin bieber. The shows and books are also the most popular and most known.

What are some reasons people love entertainment topics such as these so much?

They enjoy these topics because everybody gets bored and is willing to watch, listen, or read something. The topics are usually recommended by other people who truly enjoy them and that's how the entertainment topics spread. It also allows people to watch their dreams or fantasies they have always had.


Wish Fulfillment-The satisfying of unconscious desires in dreams or fantasies.
Escapism- The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

Audience surrogate- A fictional character with whom the audience can identify
Character identification- Identification is a term used in literary and film studies to describe a psychological relationship between the reader of a novel and a character in the book

All those words relate to hardcore fandom because they help determine whether someone loves the shows and becomes a hardcore fan.