Way of Life for the Algonquin

Eastern North America: Pre -European Contact

Location of the Algonquin

The Algonquin lived in modern day Eastern Ontario and Quebec.In the areas of Quebec and Ontario is that summers are humid and warm while in the winter it is cold and snowy,Also there are four seasons.during the spring the regions have precipitation.

The vegetation of eastern Ontario and Quebec consist of maize,beans,squash,berries and rice.Also Carboniferous and deciduous trees grown in the area.The type of animals that can be found are fish and buffalo in the wild.

the landscape consists of plateaus and highlands.The average elevation of land is 180-365 meters above seal .mounts stands 800-1'500 meter's above sea level.The coast line is dotted in fjords.

there are other aboriginal groups that neighbor the Algonquin,The Cree Huron, Iroquois and Ottawa neighbor the Algonquin aboriginal group.

use of the environment

the Algonquin people used the environment around them to make items that benefit their survival.The Algonquin people used bark and saplings to build homes,the homes where made by making the saplings in to a circle shape (The saplings where 3-4.5 meters long)the tallest saplings where used as saport while smaller trees where wrapped around the structure for even more saport.after that was done the tied the whole thing together and bark was placed on to the frame.

To make clothing they used fur hides and feathers,The hides and fur was all sewed together to make clothing.

The type of transportation was used was canoes and shan shoes.The Algonquin made them out of bark and wood.canoes where offeten lined with pieces of wood and birch placed over the frame.the people used shan shoes which where made by sticks where made in to a oval shape and string was intertwined with in the wood and it self to make the bottom.

the types of food the Algonquin ate where dear and moose meat or other animals such as rabbits and birds.The meet could have been eaten on its own or put in stews or soups.

social organization

men and women had roles they played in the Algonquin society.Men where hunters and protected families from enemies, and woman gathered food,cooked,cleaned, and cared for children,The system of the Algonquin is a patrilocal system meaning When people get married the wife must live or live near the family of the husband .The Algonquin is a patriarchal society which means the men in society are the scene of authority.The group was also a patrilineal kinship which is what every the father owned is past down to the son,the land was owned by males which where also past down to the son which the land was mostly hunting grounds.Over all decisions where made by the community but the chief was the person who said "yes" to the decisions made by the Algonquin people.