First Semester Project

By: Reilly Martyn


The 5 Topics I Chose are...

1. Gender Roles

2. Sexism in Sports

3. Stereotypes in Disney Movies

4. Socialization/Desocialization

5. Culture

Topic 1 - Gender Roles

When it comes to gender roles, men and women have different common traits and behaviors. For men, they are commonly associated with strength, aggression, and dominance. For example, a man in his own home may be seen as the "head of the household" or the man in charge. For women, they are more commonly associated with passivity, nurturing, and subordination. Some children may go to their mother over their father when they get injured because of her nurturing ways and her sympathy.

Not only are there traits for gender roles, but there are also stereotypical roles for men and women. For example, men are seen as the more outdoor/handyman/hard-worker, when women are seen as more of the inside/cooker/cleaner. The reason behind this being that men are associated with strength (for harder work and heavy lifting), and women are more associated with nurturing (taking care of the house and kids).

Bias Women Commercials

Bias Commercials for Women

In the video above, you can see that there are a whole lot of commercials that are associated with stereotypes for women. Included in that video, many of the women are cleaning, cooking, taking care of their kids, taking care of their husbands, working, and washing clothes. Although, some of the commercials have women doing all of those things in one video.
Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Bias Commercial for Men

In the video above, it shows a video that is bias to men and how they act. The man in the video is conceited and is gearing women towards him and away from their men because of the way he smells and looks. This is stereotypical because not all men are conceited and not all men act the way he does when they look or smell good. All in all, not all men are cocky and act the way this man does.

Cooking vs Working Outdoors

Really a woman could work outdoors and a man could cook, so why are they separated into different gender roles? Well the answer to that question would be that women are seen as less strong than men, therefore they usually remain in the kitchen. Women generally cook and clean because it is seen as a more feminine task. As I said before, men are viewed as stronger, that is why they generally do the hard/outdoor work. Being a handyMAN and working on more difficult tasks that may include heavy lifting is viewed as more of a man's job.

Topic 2 - Sexism in Sports

"You play like a girl", we've all heard it, and some of us have said it. This is said after someone makes a bad hit or kick, suggesting that girls are bad at sports, which is not true. Just because women are viewed as the weaker sex, some people believe that they are not as capable as men. This is one of the many ways that there is sexism in sports.

One of the movies we watched this year was "A League of Their Own", about the women's baseball league called the AAGPBL. As soon as this baseball team started playing, no one came to watch it. Some of those who did come to watch it however, degraded the women and shouted at them suggesting they can't play baseball.

As this was a male sport, the women got a lot of hate for it, and some of the women were not able to take it as well as others. As the crowd grew however, the AAGPBL grew in popularity. Just because a few people liked the idea of women playing baseball, doesn't mean all of people did. There were still people that hated the fact that women were playing. Men might be stronger but the women in the league showed them that they could play well, just like the men.

Sexism In Sport

Sexism in Sports

This video gives you a a better understanding of the inequalities that there are for men and women in sports. Going into more depth with money and scholarships also, you can notice that men have an advantage in both and are paid more than women. Sadly as you learned in the video, sexism in sports still exist today and it is an ongoing battle in which we are working on day by day.

Sexism in Sports Infographic

This info-graphic presents new information and ideas by telling the reader what the announcer says when a male is awarded a medal vs when a female is awarded a medal. Also, it tells the reader what announcers generally say when women and men lose events and when the events are shown, in comparison to gender. To end the info-graphic, the author wrote what the pictures portray of the male and female when they are in the front of a magazine or article.

Topic 3 - Stereotypes in Disney Movies

There are many stereotypes in Disney movies, whether it be with females or males, heroes or villains, or even animals. One of which includes changing who you are for someone you love or have feelings for. This would be an example from "The Little Mermaid" when Ariel gets to have legs to live with Eric on land. She ends up "getting him" but the sacrifice is leaving her friends and family.

Another example is that men are hopeless and are dependent on women. This is from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". In this movie, the seven dwarfs don't do chores, clean, wash dishes, or dust, etc. and Snow White has to teach them to do all of those things. (Women must teach men how to do everything).

Another stereotype in Disney movies is that our external beauty is what makes you stand out. This is from "Cinderella", in this movie Cinderella starts off as a maid and doesn't go out. When the ball comes up she decides to go but is not allowed to, so with the help of animal friends she is given a "makeover" and when the prince sees her all dolled up, he falls in love with her and even looks for her after the ball.

A stereotype I just noticed is that weight determines your temper and how you express it. An example is in "The Beauty and the Beast". Belle is tiny and skinny and she never gets mad or had a tantrum in the movie, but the beast does get angry. The movie portrays this in a way that kids see bigger people as people that are more prone to angry outbursts.

In the movie "Pocahontas", kids may take from it that women have to be strong AND gentle. Since Pocahontas has such a strong lead and she shows kindness, thoughtfulness, gentleness, and humility, that is what kids might think are the only acceptable character traits. She stood up for the man she loves and she also fought for what was hers.

Topic 4 - Socialization and Desocialization

Socialization is a continuing process where an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, behaviors, social skills, and values appropriate to their social position. Desocialization is the deprivation of social interaction and human contact.

We watched a movie called "Cast Away" and it really demonstrates both socialization and desocialization very well. In the beginning, Chuck was a normal guy who had a girlfriend he had just proposed to before he left for an unexpected business trip. His plane crashed and next thing you know he's on an island, stranded by himself. He had no one to talk to and he started to get very lonely because of the lack of socialization (desocialization).

Much later on, Chuck finds a volleyball that came in with some other boxes and names it Wilson. He was so deprived of human interaction that he actually only had a volleyball for a friend. By this time, he was trying to have something to interact with because he was getting lonely.

Way at the end of the movie, Chuck finds himself back home. There was a small get together with dinner made for his return and he wasn't talking much at all. When the people left him to his hotel room after his dinner, he stared at the lobster and crab that was provided and it reminded him totally of having to catch them by himself on the island.

On the first night Chuck was home, he could not sleep in a real bed, to him it was an absolute delicacy to be able to have a bed after sleeping on sand for years. His alternative was to sleep on the floor for the night.

Topic 5 - Culture

Culture is the way of life of a group of people. Culture can vary differently depending on where you are.

Some African culture can include art, pottery, religion (Christianity or Islam), language (can be over 2000), and clothing (dashiki).

Some of our culture here in America can include religion (Christian or Catholic mainly), arts (mainly European based), languages (mainly English and Spanish), and clothing "blue jeans".

Celebrating Cultures Around The World

Cultures Around the World

This is a video I found that explains how each culture is different from one another. It goes on to explain how each one of us is unique. From foods, to beliefs, to traditions...this video gives some images that compare one culture from another. Your culture is what makes you, you!
Big image

Christmas Around the World!

Here I have an info-graphic explaining what some countries do for Christmas. It's very interesting and I have a different feeling towards some of the traditions. I love the way we celebrate it and I would pick it over the other traditions.

Connections Between the 5 Topics

1. Women are thought of as the weaker sex by men in the categories gender roles, sexism in sports, and stereotypes in Disney movies. For example maybe in the household, in our everyday lives, in sports, in the workforce, and for in Disney movies...the women "can't save themselves".

2. In the same categories listed above, women can be seen as objects. Like in sports and in Disney movies. In sports when a woman is on the front of a magazine, they are usually posing in a way that men want to see. In Disney movies, the princesses are all dolled up and as soon as the princes sees them, they fall in love with them. Also in those movies, the prettier girls are chosen over the not so good looking ones.

3. With gender roles, socialization/desocialization, and culture, there is social interaction and when people get to know one another they learn their culture and figure out their gender roles. These all vary around the world. People with similarities in these categories commonly tend to associate and become friends.

How My 5 Topics are Applicable to My Life

1. Gender roles - With this topic, this is applicable to my life because I am a woman. My general roles as a female would be to cook, clean, and take care of children/husband/others also. Since I am not married, nor do I have kids, I do not have to cook for a family unless it is a special occasion and I am assisting. Also, I do my own laundry. So as a woman I can say my roles differ from a male my age because I do my own laundry and take care of myself more than an average teenage girl or boy would.

2. Sexism in sports - This is applicable to my life because I am a woman who plays sports. I have never had this happen to me but when our uniforms are spandex or tight material, men tend to watch us just because of our outfit. Also, the refs may not take it as seriously because we are women. Being a girl, I have noticed that for the sports I play not as many people show up to watch us than they do for the boys.

3. Stereotypes in Disney movies - This is applicable to my life because I watched every single Disney movie as a kid. As I explained in the topic above, the messages that they taught us in those movies can confuse kids or teach them that beauty is what matters etc. I remember every single one of those things I listed in that section. I can say that I took from those movies that women need a man to save them because they can't save themselves.

4. Socialization/Desocialization - In my life, there is a lot of socialization, I socialize every day. Whether I'm at home, at school, at the mall, or at the movies I am socializing in some way. When I talk to someone I am socializing. Now desocialization on the other hand, is not fun at all. When I am grounded or I am just home alone, I get very lonely. It is not fun to sit at home and not talk to anyone. So they both apply to my life but I am not a fan of desocialization.

5. Culture - In my life, I follow a religion, I have traditions, and I have certain food my mom cooks traditionally in our home. I have friends that have similar cultures and I have friends that have the same culture as I do. I commonly associate with people that have the same culture and traditions as I do. My best friend and I have many similarities, including culture.

Two Topics in a Historical Event and How They are Similar

Sexism in sports - In 1943, the AAGPBL was started and the men thought of it as a joke. Not very many people agreed with it or watched it all all for that matter. Little did they know, we would have womens softball today.

Culture - In the Roman, Greek, and the Egyptian cultures they build huge and extraordinary buildings and monuments. Some workers and builders did not agree with making such huge buildings. Little did they know we would base our architecture today on theirs back then.

All in all, both events have to do with people not liking the rules of womens baseball and old architecture, but in today's world, there are examples of examples for both.