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Week of June 8th-11th

Last Day of School June 11th- School Day is 8:45-11:30

Library Information

Please remind your students to return their materials if you are no longer using them.

Math Kits should be returned completed (or whatever pieces they have) and in the original box with the barcode. If they no longer have the box please ask them to place the materials in a zip lock bag and write their names on the bag. I cannot clear their account without a name or barcode.

All library books are due before or on June 4th.

I have a cart behind the blue gate front entrance for families to return materials.

Thank you for your help.

Lin Howe Yearbooks are on their way!

Lin Howe Yearbooks are on their way!

Pre-ordered yearbooks will be distributed to on-campus classes.

Remote classes may pick up their pre-ordered yearbooks on Tuesday, June 8th

from 11am-1pm OR Wednesday, June 9th from 11am-1pm.

We will have a limited number of extras available for sale at $25 each on

those pickup days/times.

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June Families/Celebrations/ LGBTQ Month


Here are resources:

June Resources Doc

LGBTQ Virtual Library

Juneteenth Virtual Library

Social Justice Standard: Identity 5: Students will recognize traits of the dominant culture, their home culture and other cultures and understand how they negotiate their own identity in multiple spaces.

Garden Video 23: Surprise

Garden Video 23: Surprise. In this video you get to see a new space that was created at school. I will mention few plants that were planted that like to grow in shade.

Lexia Information

  • Summer Lexia is here for all: Lexia Core 5 licences are currently available for ALL students. Here is a link for families to support at home use over the summer (

  • Between now and Fall 2021: For the beginning of 2021-22 school year, we will be moving students and teachers to have single-sign-on in Clever. Until then, students will still access Lexia using Clever and enter their username and password.

  • What Lexia is -- and isn’t: Lexia is skill based, and not directly correlated to a student's current reading level or grade level. If there are gaps in skills from previous grades a student may place at a lower level than anticipated, as well as students may place in a higher level than their reading level (if there is big discrepancy the auto placement can be reset)

  • Time per session: While it can be generally recommended that student do Lexia no more than 20 minutes a day, each student will have their own target minutes based on their individual needs (this information is found in

June Safe Routes to School Event June 5th

June Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Tour w/ Jim Shanman: (CCDNA lead Mary Daval)

  • DATE: June 5th - 10am-noon (leaders meet Jim 15 min before)

  • Meet at Lin Howe - tour school, talk about traffic safety - past improvements & existing needs (*this local group may be larger than those on the tour who may not be able to bike - so we should leave extra time for this 1st part)

  • Bike to… La Ballona - tour new SRTS infrastructure (take photos to highlight possible improvements for Lin Howe & share w/ neighbors not able to join us)

  • Bike to… El Marino - recently installed crosswalks (take photos & notes!)

  • And maybe donuts or lunch after (optional)…

  • Tour Goals: gather input from neighbors, students & parents to be shared with Jim (SRTS Coordinator) and also with City Engineers (@ later date); learn about past SRTS efforts & see new projects; are there improvements at these other schools that we would like to see at Lin Howe?; there’s also an educational opportunity for those attending: why's & how's of engineering; innovative solutions to common problems; awareness-raising for driver behavior

UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic coming to Culver City

We are happy to announce that the Stein Eye Institute from UCLA is coming back this summer to provide CCUSD students and their families free vision services to those who qualify. Please see the attached flier for more details on dates, location, and how to make an appointment. Special thanks to the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic for providing these services to our community!


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Got 60 seconds for happiness?

Got 60 seconds for happiness?

Try one of this week's happiness hacks: a loving-kindness meditation. Research shows this meditation not only boosts joy, gratitude, and contentment, it also decreases chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

PDF_Visual Guide

Got another minute for happiness?

Try this happiness hack: laughing. It may feel like there are fewer opportunities to laugh during this time, but more than ever we need the natural benefits afforded by laughter, including relaxation, boosted immunity, and the lightning of anger and anxiety. It turns out our brain can't really tell the difference between a fake and authentic laugh--we reap the benefits either way. If you are a laughter-seeker just like me, you're going to love this week's Happiness Hack.

Grab the visual guide and watch the video to try laughter yoga and see how it feels for you!

Video Guide

Visual Guide

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Upcoming School Holidays/Events

Friday, June 11, Last Day of School

Lin Howe Community "Shout Outs"

Thank you for the "Shout Outs" we received last week. The staff members greatly appreciated the kind words.

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