The Civil War


President of the North

Abraham Lincoln was the president for the North. He was the 16th president of United States and he was trustworthy, kind, and a good leader.

President of the South

Jefferson Davis was the president for the South. He went to West Point an he was a military leader.

Military Leaders

Military leaders of the North

Ulysses S. Grant was the leader of the North.

Military leaders of the South

Robert E. Lee was the leader of the South.


Advantages for the North

North has leadership, Abraham Lincoln, industrial power, mylitary power, greater wealth and cotrled shipping

Advantages of the South

South has a strong military tradition, strong motovation, skilled whit guns and horses , cotton can be treated for weapons fighting on home ground


Disadvantages of the North

They were fighting on unfamiliar land, Northern soldiers had to conquer a big area to bring the South back into the Union

Disadvantages of the South

They did not had many railroads, theydid not have many factories to produce guns