JFK Assassination

Armani Marrero

Background Information

The day of the assassination was November 22, 1963. President John F. Kennedy was cruising the streets of Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas to promote his re-election. He was accompanied by his wife. During the ride, three shots were said to have been fired at him. He was shot in the head and in the back. There have not been any verified reasons for the assassination, but the bullets were said to be shot from the Texas Book Depository.

1st Media Bias (CBS)

After the assassination, a report was nearly immediately released a week after by the Warren Commission. It stated that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole individual that committed the crime. The media outlet that provided this information was CBS. This news source did all it could to get the word out of the Warren Commission's report. They provided three news specials to support the Commission.


2nd Media Bias (JFK Film)

"JFK" was a film that was produced in 1991. It was made to stress the coverup of the assassination by the government and media, which was contradictory to the previous Warren Commission's report. It provides many significant pieces of evidence; which stated that data was destroyed/altered. It also points out that the famous film of the assassination caught on film by Zapruder was bought by Time-Life, and kept from the public's reach for years. "JFK" was also heavily criticized by major media outlets several months prior to its release.

Media Bias Debunked

The Warren Commission didn't want the public questioning everything behind the assassination so they immediately used Oswald as the scapegoat for the crime before people dug deeper into the investigation. On the other hand, the director of "JFK" felt that it was a cover up and that the government/major media outlets were trying to persuade Americans away from the truth. There still has not been a conclusive answer for the death behind Kennedy. It is interesting that that same year JFK signed executive order 11110, which stripped the federal reserves from issuing the currency and giving the power back to the government.

Historical Criticism

Presidents prior to JFK had always road around in presidential state cars openly visible to anyone outside. However, this was taken advantage of as it showed serious danger to a President's well being after the assassination. Ever since then the government has kept the president enclosed within the vehicle with heavy protection on the car's body. The Secret Service now keeps the President protected every bit of the road trip.

Marxist Criticism

Someone that holds the most valuable position in the country most likely feels invincible and naive to any threats because it isn't normal for presidents to be assassinated. However history has shown to prove that nobody is safe from those individuals that are not afraid of the serious consequences to such actions. Presidents appear on numerous occasion throughout the year in areas open to the public. They take the chance of speaking on a topic that differs from someone else's point of view, which could result in negative outcomes. Now more is done to ensure these threats are less likely to appear.
JFK Assassination in Colour (HD) Slow Motion and Frame by Frame