Giant Pandas

Endangered but Beautiful

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Characteristics of the Giant Pandas

“Giant pandas are identified by their distinctive black and white coloring. Their ears, muzzle, eyes, and legs are black. While the rest of their body is white. Their thick hair keeps them warm in the cool” (“Animal”).

Giant Pandas are Threatended by Many Things

“The biggest threat to pandas is human beings… As Human population grows… pandas are forced to travel farther to find sufficient food. This makes pandas more vulnerable to starvation” (Firestone).

Giant Pandas Food Loss

“A main cause of panda loss is bamboo die back… Pandas also loss in habitat when humans cut down bamboo to clear space for land development” (Firestone).

How to help the Giant Pandas Survive

“Wildlife reserves have been set up in parts of China to make sure the pandas have a home, and care is taken to make sure they survive in the wild” (“Animal”).

There is Only a Few Left

“Today between 1,000 and 3,000 giant pandas live in the wild” (Firestone).