Welcome Home!

Welcome to your new home! The A6 team was ~~~wildly~~ excited to welcome you to the building this week and see so many familiar faces walking around! We hope you enjoyed the Day One Donuts Surprise in the courtyard yesterday morning and we look forward to surprising you with other fantastic treats and programs throughout the year. If you were a bit jet lagged and missed out on the excitement, check out the photos below and in the lobby of your building to catch up on everyone's goals and feelz.

The A6 Collective - Information Sessions!

Elections for the A6 Collective are coming soon! Interested in learning more about what the A6 Collective is and how you can get involved? Perfect.

The A6 Collective is a community board that is made up of the residents of A6 and is led by the Executive Team, comprised of the President and Vice President of Community Initiatives. The A6 Collective seeks to improve the lives of residents living in the buildings and quality of services provided by the A6 Collective through advocacy and programming.

Ultimately, the A6 Collective is what you make it! This is a student-led organization that aims to build stronger communities, create tradition and give A6 its own unique personality.

Information Sessions:

Tuesday, 1 September @ 7pm - A6B Lounge

Wednesday, 2 September @ 9pm - A6C Lounge (w/ Shawarma!)

Sunday, 6 September @ 8:30pm - A6C Lounge

The election packet can be downloaded here.

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NYUAD Sustainability Initiatives

Did you know the UAE has the 3rd largest ecological footprint of all countries in the world? This is actually quite an improvement from 2006 when the UAE was number one. So, what is NYUAD doing to help? Here are some initiatives the NYUAD Sustainability Steering Committee is planning for the 2015-2016 academic year as part of their two key focus areas:

  • Replacing plastic shopping bags with bio-degradable and reusable bags
  • Phasing out plastic water bottles
  • Composting NYUAD’s yard waste
  • Planting a community garden
  • Recycling boxes and paper resulting from move-in/move-out on campus

Please take notice of the waste signs that have also been posted throughout the residential community. Please sort your recyclables and bring the rest of your waste to the refuse room on the ground floor.

**NEW** Laundry Holds!

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Our laundry rooms now have laundry holds! ...A6 has laundry room swag! You may use these when a laundry cycle has finished and clothes have not yet been taken from the machine. Just take those clothes out of the machine and put them in a laundry hold. When the next resident comes to pick their clothes up, they won't find them thrown around the laundry room!


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...that's it folks. See ya next week!