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Where There Is The Original, Where There Is Plagiarism

When their quarterly works are "Reference" by major high street brands - said plagiarism is not excessive - Balmain's creative director Olivier Rousteing must be furious.But we all wrong,on the contrary he is happy. "I remember Coco Chanel once said the same thing: Where there is the original, where there is plagiarism," Rousteing said, "I like to see Zara window display my design - at the same time mixed with Céline and Proenza was fantastic!these design even more exciting than my work.I admire Zara styling, the fashion story contains also fascinated me, but they learn very clever way - matched the version of Céline and printing of Balmain outlet really a surprise,well done!"
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The Definition Of Balmain

Balmain Store brand was founded by Mr. French fashion designer Pierre Balmain, Pierre Balmain 's name represents a unique understanding of the elegant,it means royalty and movie stars's principal has become a universally recognized symbol of fashion. Balmain's design, especially well known for evening dress with high quality blend of feminine and elegant; Balmain's clients include movie stars and royalty, he was still opening new branches in New York City and Caracas City.There are about 220 licensed vendors of Balmain outlet store brand in the world.