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What Does It Mean To Be A "Digital" Citizen?

A community is a group of people with a common background or shared interests. Did you know that there can be communities online on the internet? It is important to know what your (and your child's) responsibilities are to that online community. Digital Citizens are members of worldwide community linked by the internet. To be a digital citizen there are certain responsibilities, certain obligations and duties, that must be met. Digital Citizens must be respectful to all other members of the online community as well. If students are able to understand what it means to be an upstanding member of an offline community, it will be easier for them to know what being an upstanding member of an online community.

What Does A Responsible Digital Citizen Do?

Digital Citizens Will:
  • Know the responsibilities of true digital citizens
  • Be respectful to others online
  • Stand-up to those who are cyberbullying others
  • Give credit to those who have created the work you have used
  • Know what is private and public information
  • Implement proper security measures (strong passwords, safe websites, protect information)


***For a free pencil create a list of at least five NEW guidelines for proper digital citizens to follow and turn in to your teacher***

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What Are We Doing In School?

In Each Class We Will Do The Following Activity:

Students will be asked to sit in circles, which depict the “Rings of Responsibility.” In order to explore the responsibilities they have to themselves, friends and family, and larger communities, both offline and online.

Through this activity students will be asked to:

  • reflect upon their offline responsibilities.

  • examine their online responsibilities.

  • learn that good digital citizens are responsible and respectful in the digital world (and beyond).

  • determine how we can be responsible, respectful, and safe in both our online and offline communities.

Once this activity is completed, the students will write a response that will show their understanding of being a true digital citizen.

Communication Family Tip Sheet

For more information about how to be an upstanding digital citizen, visit

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