Why people migrate?

We don't realize how much we move.

What is migration?

Migartion is one part of something moving to another place.
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Some push factors of why people move

Some people move because it may be very dangerous situations that they want to get out of. Some reasons why is because of gangs and drug cartels and also human trafficking. Also if Natural disasters happen some people move because they have lost there homes. A lot of people move because of terrorism to.

Pull factors to moving

Some people get pulled into moving by getting new jobs or promotion. Or just simply the weather or climate of the place. Also it may be the attraction that are there or the physical features of the place.

Humans create cultural mosaics

Cultural Mosaic is the mix of ethnic groups, languages, and cultures that coexist within society.

Examples of a Cultural Mosaics

When we get our food from different countries that's an example of a cultural Mosaic because it travels from different places just to get to the united states. Also some people from different cultures bring there heratige of different types of food like chinese food.
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A factor of a push factor of migrating would be when hurricane sandy hit the USA. Hurricane sandy mostly hit the northern part of the U.S. So when that happened a lot of people were forced to move because there house was wreaked during the event. A factor of a pull factor is a promotion. So when a member of the family gets a new job offer then they will have to move because of the offer.

Social Group

The social group I chose was about the notebook and how it conflicted between the two stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The hatred between the two was mostly caused by rumors in the past. So when they found out they were going to be co-stars in The Notebook then that's when things got heated. The conflict happened when they started to date each other when they were still filming the movie. Ryan was doing a scene with Rachel and Ryan said "Would you take her out of here and bring in another actress to read off camera with me.

Power shifting between Social Groups

Drug Cartels in New Hampshire struggle with keeping power because of the constant threat of State Police because of the drugs that people are using the power is in their hands but if the police get involed then the power will shift to the police but the drug dealers tend to fight back then the power begins to shift between the two. The power shifting between the cops would be a good thing because the cops would catch the drug dealers and they would have no problems with drugs in the state or country. The negative thing would be that the drug dealers would not make money selling the drugs. Also it would be negative thing for the police because the gangs that sold theses drugs would come after who ever arrested the leader or one of the members.

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Push factor of moving for me.

An example of a push factor would be. When I moved I had to move because my mom got a divorce with my dad and we had to move out of the apartment.

Pull factors of moving for me

My mom wanted to move to New Hampshire because she liked the school system they had here. Also her boyfriend at the time lived here so we had to move into his house. Another pull factor is that my dad already had a house it help us to be able to move us in right away so we wouldn't have to go out and by a house. So we had to move and go with my dad.

My Cultural Mosaic

I represent a Cultural Mosaic because i'm Irish, Dutch, Italian, And French. This is because of my heritage and also where my family comes from.

Cooperation and Conflict

I'm an example of conflict and cooperation because me and my siblings are always fighting because we have similar personalities. So when we fight it's usually about ridiculous stuff like clothes or wrong or right scenarios.

Bullets and Ballets

In Bullets and Ballets I was in the army and wealthy. In my group Tyler was the president and Makie was the vice president. In my group Tyler was the one in charge and I was just a back up so when he wanted to do a treaty with someone then he would bring it to me and make sure it was the right thing to do. My group mostly just wanted to be in charge so that way we can give everyone what they wish. Also to help violence stay out of the country.

Power Shifting in Bullets and Ballets

Power shifting between the gorillas was mostly with the peasants. Mostly all of the gorillas joined the peasants so that way they would gain power and have more votes per person. They ended up winning but the U.S. did a takeover card and agreed to have all of us have power except the Gorillas. Overall the power did shift a lot between the groups.