Room 3 News!

December 4, 2015

Star of the Week!

Our Star this week is on a soccer team and loves to play Minecraft. He knows a lot about plants and wants to learn more about everything!! He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and there are 7 people in his family! His friends think he is good at sharing and helping!
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Thanksgiving Haircuts!

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It was a BUDDY WEEK!!

We started this week with Buddy PE. Our buddies were 4th graders! It was fun to play with a new group of friends! We also had Buddy Reading! It is always nice to find a comfy place to share and read!

3 Days of Inside Recess!!

The children got creative at recess with 3 days of rain! They were artist and builders. And we even played 4 corners and heads up!! We got up and got moving even though we were indoors!

Finally the Sunshine and Fresh Air!!

Hard Working First Graders!

We are readers and writers! We are mathematicians and scientist!

Kid's Quote of the Week!

"I get it! I know that there are 9 combinations of 8, so there are 10 combinations of 9! Right?" :D

School News!

*Friday, December 11- Movie Night!! 6:00-8:30! Wear your PJs!