Saxton Awards 28.1.22

Rainbow and Values Awards


Values Award - Community

Willow, Mrs Rehor and Mrs Goodrick for being a super team and pulling together whilst I was absent and doing all the work I set them

Rainbow Awards:

Martha Bosomworth, Aston Gautrey and Amy Roach - For a super poster about Antarctica. Great researching skills and you worked with independence.

Rosie Baker, Ruby Wilton and Annabelle Southern - For being a great team, helping each other and problem solving together in Maths whilst we have been learning about measuring.

Phoebe Verlander- Bedford - All week she has been a superstar, working hard in handwriting and phonics. All your hard work is paying off, Phoebe both Mrs Rehor and Mrs Goodrick told me of your super work.


Values Awards:

Community - Sycamore - for saving energy by turning the lights off every time we leave the classroom (Miss Gaunt)

Compassion - Sycamore - for being so kind and working so well together this week while Mr Rich has not been here (Miss Gaunt)

Rainbow Awards:

Maisie Bird - for getting 15/15 on your spellings and working super hard (Miss Gaunt)

Ava Batley - for working incredibly hard in maths this week. Well done! (Miss Gaunt)


Rainbow Awards:

Ivy Hawkins and George Wilton - for a hardworking and independent approach in maths lesson, especially when comparing and ordering fractions.