By:Almira Rajwani


Leadership means being there for your group. You are a that last puzzle piece that completes the whole puzzle. A leader fills in the missing gaps that their group members have left, while showing passion, communicating with each person, and solving other problems. They take the group to a whole new level.


I discovered as a leader I take a lot of input from my group members without realizing I do. I believe Input from group members creates a more complete basis for decision-making. I also try to communicate with my group members a lot making sure everyone is on task and they are completing the work necessary. The last time I lead a group I had to solve many problems such as organization, communication, and incomplete work. This was a big test on my leadership skills.

As a leader I am 44% Extravert, 50% iNtutive, 50% Feeling, and 33% judging. I tend to motivate people and get them excited to complete the project, I am always communicating with my group members to make sure everyone is on track . In many cases when situations don't work out the way they need to my first feeling is empathy, I always consider each persons situation and feeling and try my best to say the right thing to help the situation. When problems do arise I go off my intuition for what is right, sometimes this has helped me in many ways but at other times not so much. Although I try to understand peoples situations at times it becomes difficult when projects are larger and count for major things. At these times I do tend to break a little but I pull myself together.

Personality and Leadership Style

My personality affects many components of my Leadership Style. I am a very organized person, when I am the leader I have an outline of the whole project before starting the project so it becomes simpler to complete. I am also a person to feel empathy for a person easily so in many projects I don't yell or burst at my partners I lead and help them through their part. On the other hand my leadership style also affects my personality. I started noticing that in projects I love to have everything complete before it is due and now I have started to complete things at least one day before they are due.


As a leader I have became more calm in situation's were work isn't completed. I have learned that there is no point in taking stress. If we work together as a group we can solve this problem and be able to complete everything on time. I also believe I have become more organized, every project has taught me how to have a more efficient project. I know that as this year passes I will become even stronger as a leader.

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