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Country Basics


The capital of France is Paris, home of one of France's most iconic landmarks, the Eiffel Tower.

French Flag

The three colors of the French flag all have their own meaning. Red for liberty, white for equality, & blue for fraternity*.

Human/Environment Interaction

Because of France's environment conditions, the biggest industry within the area is commercial farming. But, because France can get into lower temperatures, not many resources are produced here.


France's surrounding European countries include Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland.

Major Landforms

Majors Landmarks

Major Bodies of Water


France is a Republican economy, so they decide their leaders by voting. In return for paying taxes, French citizens are promised liberty, equality, security, and property ownership.

Recent French Presidents


  • Currency: Euros
  • GDP: $2.591 trillion
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Life Expectancy: 81.75 years
  • Birth Rate: 12.88 births/1,000 population
  • Main Trade Partners: Germany ,Belgium-Luxembourg, United States, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Spain.
  • Main Exports: Planes, Helicopters, Spacecraft, Packaged Medicament's, Cars, Vehicle Parts, and Refined Petroleum.
  • Main Imports: Crude Petroleum, Refined Petroleum, Cars, Petroleum Gas, and Packaged Medicament's.

Based on this information, it is obvious that France's economy is strong. Most of their economic indicator ratings are higher, proving the quality of services like health care and education.


In France, the most common language is, of course, French. 100% of locals/citizens speak French. The main religion is Roman Catholic, at 66%. The other 34% is wide a combination of other religions, including 22% with no religion what so ever.

Traditional Clothing

Traditional French clothing never had a major origin other than pants for men, skirts for women, and hats for everyone. Each region of France had their own colors & design for their traditional clothing, making such diversity.


Modern Clothing

Because France is popular in fashion, most modern clothing you find here is elegant in some way. Because fashion in France is designed distinctively, most clothing citizens wear will be elegant and fashionable, but still fit casual trends.

Popular Food


  • Average Yearly Rainfall: 26mm
  • Average Yearly Temperature: 45°F
Based on this information, you can determine France's climate tends to be fairly cold, combined with many mountains, makes France one of the countries with a lower amount of resources produced.


1799, End of the French Revolution

The French revolution was a violent time in which the French empire was in progress of expansion. These time helped freedoms develop in France, as this is when France started to establish a republic. This early war was the first step in France's modern freedom.

1823, French Invasion of Spain

This event took place in order to restore King Ferdinand VII’s absolute power in Spain, because of France & Spain's early alliance. Now, nearly 1000 years later, Spain & France still are strong neighboring countries.

Compare and Contrast


Fraternity: The state or feeling of friendship & mutual support within a group.

Incumbent: (of an official or regime) currently holding office.