The Range Of Depression

What you need to know.

What it is?

Depression is a illness that makes you feel alone, isolated from the world. It makes you feel overwhelmed with emotions.

Ways to get over it.

There are small and big things that could help you fight through depression. These things are not a for sure thing, but have been proven to help. Small things just as getting 8 or more hours of sleep and getting a little sunlight each day can help. There are also big things a person can do like going to a support group or a therapist. In serious situations you can get diagnosed a perception pill called anti-depressants. Anti-depressants help balance emotions in your brain.
Support group in Chelsea.

This link will take you straight to a support group for teens located in Chelsea, Michigan.

How does depression affects you?

The sadness that is given off from depression has different stages. It could be fairly easy to get read of it , but in some cases it could be extremely difficult. It could affect how you sleep, eat, work, and get along with others. Nothing seems fun to you anymore and makes you feel horrible. The person always seems to look at the negative parts of situations. In some extreme cases you may get thoughts of death or suicide. You may want to give up on life and have emotions you can't explain.