Macbeth: Victim, Villain, Both?

Was it his fault?

How do we know?

In knowing the prophecy from the beginning of Macbeth is would be easy to conclude that Macbeth is at fault for his destruction when in fact he had help along the way. The plot started to thicken when Lady Macbeth received a letter from her husband saying that he was to come to power in future times showing us the pure power Lady Macbeth had and her wiliness to fight. She has a corrupt mind which becomes poisonous to Macbeth. Macbeth confided in his wife leading to her manipulate his actions for he bailed on the idea of murdering the former king. Other factors lead to Macbeth’s final outcome but his wife and the witches’ prophecy ignited the wrath of Macbeth. As time went on, Macbeth grew into the idea and drove himself to madness. Having the idea to kill even his beloved friend’s son was borderline crazy for Macbeth. At this point in time he couldn’t stop, Macbeth was evil. Throughout the story line, Lady Macbeth is driven to complete madness ending in a shallow death in which Macbeth becomes unstable. The price of his head rises as war and turmoil within the nation continue. Other figure heads that served under Macbeth become aware of the situation and wanted him dead. Macbeth had a complex lifetime with individuals planting ideas in his head and demanded certain actions from him. In the end, Macbeth became his own resource of destruction leading to a untimely death as the king.