All About Emma

The 5th grader

All about me.

I'm Emma and I am 10 years old. My favorite sports are dance and volleyball. I love to go to the pool and hang out with my friends. I have 4 members in my family my mom, Alicia a dad named Brian and a sister named Paige. I love to go on vacation, especially tropical places. MY goals for this year are: 1) To get smarter so I am ready to go to middle school. 2) I want to make new friends because there are new people at school so I hope they are nice so we can be friends.

Summer Rocks

My Summer

I love the summer because I hang out with my friends and my birthday is in the summer. I love seeing movies and going to the pool. We share our babysitter with Molly and Megan Haymaker. They go to Sacred Heart. We are the best summer buddies of all time. We go to the movies, bowling, to the lake, and we make desserts and fancy lunches some days. Kayla, our babysitter, always takes us places. At the end of summer she made us a scrap book and bought me really cute pair of sunglasses. She is awesome!