The Shang Dynasty

Amy Dominguez, Olivia Vrba, Audrey Calhoun,Avery Tyson


By: Avery Tyson

I’m the geographer for the investigation of the Shang Dynasty. I found that there capital was about were Beijing is today. They were located Northern China and spread through northern Shang dong. I found that in present time their capital would be in Beijing and the rest would be the Nanjing River, and the Russian far east, also the Songhua-Nenjiang plain. Also now many crane breeds live there now such as thered-crowned crane, white-necked crane, Siberian crane, and Demoiselle crane.

They were geographically lucky because they lived in a fertile land with a regular supplies of water and fertile soil that help the grow lots of crops. (But the water amount sometimes over flooded so it would sometimes lead to flooding.) They had many resource’s such as bronze which they used for many things such as for chariots, casting, a writing system, things to cook food in or severe dishes, and elegant ceremonial objects. Also silk worms used for silk, cloth and they had oracle bone used for sharp blades.


By: Olivia Vrba

The Shang Dynasty started when people were angry because their ruler was madly in love with a very evil women. In their anger they rose up in rebellion. The rebellion was led by a man named T'ang was the one who founded the Shang Dynasty. There were many successful leaders in the Shang Dynasty. There was T'ang, the man to found the Shang Dynasty. There was also a man named Shang Chou. He was the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty, he was known for his methods of torture. Fuhao was the first woman who was written about in Chinese history. Fuhao commanded an army of ten thousand soldiers during the time period of SHang Dynasty.

The Shang Dynasty had many specific events that changed their civilization, the Shang were very good at bronze work. Although in the beginning their work was very basic. But as the civilization grew, the bronze work became more advanced. The Shang were overthrown by the neighboring Zhou people. One of the first writing system developed during the Shang period. The time T'ang founded the Shang happened first. The fact that the Shang were good at bronze work was all through out the time they ruled. And when the Shang got overthrown, that happened last,


By Audrey Calhoun

Shang Dynasty is a very highly developed civilization. They worked with bronze jade and pottery. Bronze was one thing they particularly excelled in. The earliest Shang were not as good they eventually got better. Jade was used for ceremonial weapons or actual weapons. Also jade was used for figurines. Lots of these jade figurines were put in tombs. (In this time period.) While they were making pottery they usually used a potters wheel. They made lots of dishes and bowls. The dishes and bowls were painted in white for ceremonial purposes but for everyday colors there was black or brown. Pottery was used a lot. The Shang Dynasty created a highly developed calender. This calender is like any you would find now except this one had only 360 days in a year. But it did have 12 months of 30 days each. Chinese writing began to develop in this period of time. Unfortunately no literature survives from The Shang Dynasty.

In legend there was another earlier Chinese Dynasty called Xiadynasty. The thing is this place might of not existed! But in Chinese mythology the flood there was a saviour hero. It was the leader of the oldest dynasty, Xia. The Shang Dynasty was the first Chinese Dynasty that has not only written but also archaeological evidence. The Shang created one of the earliest developed civilizations in East Asia.


By: Amy dominguez

Shang dynasty was really good at bronze work. They grew more advanced in bronze work because they did so much of it. While they were working on there bronze work they decided to make cups and plates to eat and drink.

They were polytheistic or that they worshiped many gods. They worshiped ancestors because if your ancestors were pleased they would bring good crops and health. And if there ancestors were not pleased tragedies would happen. A god they believed in was Shang Ti. Shang Ti means “lord on high” that's why they believed in Shang Ti. And also they believed in shangi Ti because they believed he was connected with heaven. so they worshiped him because they wanted to see there beloved ones.

Shang dynasty communicated with each other by writing cards and letters. shang dynasty wrote letters to each other because they were the first people to invent Chinese writing. Archaeologists found inscription bones on tortoises.

They started to developed Chinese writing. They also invented paper. The Shang Dynasty also made the wall of China to protect them from northern. They also made the compass, and the wheelbarrow.