Wendy's Cashier

BY: Tanner Barone


A person who works for the chain fast food resturant Wendy's as a cashier. A cashier manages the money of the food transaction. Also, they take your order for your food and deliver that order to the chefs. And sometimes they work the drive through window and take orders there


Some advantages of this carear include getting the leftover food to bring home and eat and also getting to meet new people from different parts of the world. Another advantage is discounted food for all of the fast food chain.


Some dangers also go along with the career it is always a possibility of being robbed as the cashier holds the money and some robbers are very lethal. More dnagers although not a danger is giving too much or too little money back to a customer and getting in trouble with the company.


You most likely wont travel to any other resteraunt in the chain as usually you are assigned to one of the chains locations


There is no needed education you should be good at math because you will be working with money also you should be able to communicate well and have good english skills

Universities/ Training

Almost all universities would be good for the job as it isnt too hard, but a college with math and communication would be good as it is essential. Training required would be to learn the computer system and to memorize the menu and be able to assist customers on the food.