John Grisham


Neely Crenshaw was a middle aged man who play football for his high school carrer. He was the star quarterback for the town of Messina. In the town of Messina football was everything, and to the townspeople Eddie Rake was more important than the president. However, Neely hated Coach Rake. But nows has made an apperance back in Messina fifteen years later.


Eventhough Coach Rake had never had one line in the book I would say that he is just as important as Neely Crenshaw. Coach Rake was described as a very mean coach however it was very rare for him to lose his games so no one question a single word he said. Neely Crenshaw was the star all-american high school quarterback. He had a scolarship to collage for football however it all came to an end when he had a traumatizing carrer ending injury as a sophomore in collage. Coach was fired after a play had passed after a very harsh practice with the tem although football was never the same. Neely had pure hatred for Rake he felt he never got treated right and had felt the injury was part of Rakes fault. Neely also hated the fact that you are the big thing around town if you are a football player but once you graduate you are forgotten.