By Rahul Ulman

About the Website

Lumosity is a website where it gives you "games" to help keep your brain healthy. You can either keep a free, limited account which gives you three games to play per day or pay for a full account which gives you five recommended games to play with access to all other games. Based on how you perform in the games, Lumosity gives you scores for Memory, Problem Solving, and three other categories.
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Lumosity is very user friendly. The user interface is easy to understand, and easy to use. All of the information that the website gives is to do with how well your brain is developing. All of the games that are available are fun and simple to play. Each game only takes half a minute to two minutes to play. I like how after you play a game, Lumosity gives you your high scores in that game to motivate you to beat your best.
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Cons of Lumosity

Unfortunately, the limited account only allows you to play three different games per day out of the almost 40 games that Lumosity has. You can literally play any game that you want with a paid account. With a paid account, you can see your percentile for each category, but these numbers are unavailable in the free version.