Mrs. Dippel's Newsletter


Quick Note From Mrs. Dippel

The students have made amazing progress in just a short time. I'm so proud of their hard work! Great job of getting the homework in and studying for the spelling test. The Razkids website log-in and IXL math log-in information will be sent home in folders soon. Our community project has been amazing today! We kicked off the day with an in depth discussion about where we live such as the house, street, neighborhood, city, state and country. We then brainstormed a list of people you may find in a community and what buildings they would be found in such as doctor in a hospital, family in a house, etc. Then we had our first big group project and we designed our own community full of roads, cars, schools, teachers, policeman, doctors, hotels, animals, and soooo much more! We will be making speech bubbles to go on our mural of what that person may say.


* Family photo for our Friends and Family tree (you may send it to me via email)

* Scholastic orders for this month are due 9-26. I sent a letter home with the code to enter online if you would prefer to order that way.

* Daily folders are sent home everyday and should be returned the next morning. Red homework folders go home on Friday and are not due back until Thursday :)


Short o sound word families:

dog, jog, mop, not, pot

sight words:

because, is

Reader's Workshop

During Reader's Workshop, we will learn about main characters and supporting characters. We will learn to use visualization techniques to gain a deeper understanding of what we read. We have been having great discussions about how authors and illustrators help us to see and understand a book with their details. Readers read to learn new things and for fun! We have been making many connections to the books we read and our own lives. In our author study of David Shannon next week, we will learn to make connections from book to book.

Writer's Workshop

We will continue revising our stories this week. We will keep adding more detail using carrots, post-its and our partners for more ideas of things we may have left out. We will work on having a beginning, middle and end as we write. We will also work on how to best communicate with a partner about revising our stories.

Literacy Stations

During literacy stations this week, students will practice sorting nouns into people, places and things, learning more about characters, short o phonics practice and much more. I will also be doing TPRI testing. As soon as I complete testing, I can start guided reading groups and book clubs!

Math Workshop

In math this week, we will review place value to 30. We will be counting by 10's the normal way and with a twist. We will count by 10's backwards and starting at any given number. We will also learn to count by 10's off the decade. For example: 8, 18, 28, 38... We will begin decomposing numbers this week starting with ways to make 10. I have many hands-on activities planned to reinforce these skills. We will be doing a cup stacking activity, bean bag toss activity, and end our week with eat your math. Using our "Garanimals" paper plates, we will separate 10 fruit loops using the ears on our plates and practice ways to make 10. We will record our new facts. 10+0, 9+1, 8+2, etc. We will practice all of these skills during math stations over the next few weeks. I will begin assessments for subitizing, place value and counting by 10's.

Science/Social Studies

I will be introducing the human body systems and five senses this week. Students will learn to name and locate the major body organs and describe the function. (brain, heart,

lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys)

We will be tracing our bodies on paper and making each major organ to go on our bodies as we learn about them.