Garage Door Repair In Houston, TX

Houston, TX, 2015/ Press Release: EZ Lift Garage Doors is a leading company providing comprehensive repair services for all types of garage doors. The company has extensive experience in catering to the garage door repair needs of both residential and commercial properties across Houston, TX. Their skilled technicians have the necessary expertise in identifying the problem and performing the repair work to give you a fully functioning door.

A garage door may need to be repaired due to daily wear and tear, harsh weather conditions, rough handling, excessive use, etc. All these may cause the door to open slowly, make noise, stick while opening or closing, close abruptly etc. Such problems need to be repaired by a professional to avoid any accidents. When you work with EZ Lift Garage Doors, their technicians will explain you the problem with the garage door and assist you in making an informed decision regarding the required repair work.

Garage Door Repair Services Offered By EZ Lift Garage Doors:

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Bent Panel Repair/ Replacement

  • Slipped Cable Repair/ Replacement

  • Garage Door Opener Repair/ Replacement

  • Roller and Hardware Repair/ Replacement

  • Bent Track Repair/ Replacement

  • New Window Panel Installation

  • Vehicle Remote Programming

  • Weather Stripping, etc.

The technicians will conduct a complete 25 point inspection to examine the working of each component of the garage door. They also provide installation and replacement services for garage door parts. They will also provide information about the preventive measures in order to avoid any damage or unexpected breakdown of your garage door.

For more information about the garage door repair services provided by EZ Lift Garage Doors, you can call at (832) 454 – 3432 or reach them at 403 W Grand Pkwy S #F312, Katy, TX 77494. You can also log on to their website to know more.