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What is a Volcano ?

A volcano is a landform that forms at an opening in earths crust when magma reaches the surface. Volcanos Change the earths surface very fast. Volcanos are vents in earths crust that releases magma ,rock fragments and gas to the surface.Volcanos come in many different shapes and sizes.

How is magma turned into lava?

Magma that reaches the surface is called lava .At first ,it's runny and red hot .It cools down in the air and turns into hard black rock. That is how magma is tuned into lava.

Volcano Pictures


Earths 4 layers

The Earth has 4 main layers .The crust is the first layer of the Earth .It splits up into two ,the continental crust ,and the Oceania crust. The crust is the layer were tectonic plates can be found. Mantle ,the mantle is the second layer of the Earth.It is split in two different parts, the lithosphere (Top) and the asthenosphere (bottom). Next is the Outer Core,the outer core is a liquid made up of iron and nickel .The temperature of the outer core is around 4400 degrees Celsius. It's the second farthest from the surface of the Earth.Lastly,the inner core the inner crust is the second thickest layer .The inner core is made out of iron and nickel, it is 5159 to 6378 k.m thick. The inner core is extremely hot and is the last layer . The inner core is 5505 degrees Celsius . It is a solid, because of all the pressure from the other layers putting their weight onto this layer . The inner core was discovered in 1971 .

Do You Want to know how Volcanos are formed ?

Volcano are vents in the Earths crust that releases magma,rock fragments,gas,to the surface.Hot gas ,melted rock and bits of rock below out of a hole in the earth. The rock cool and piles up around the hole . This forms a volcano .Also a volcano is a landforms that forms .

Can we Predict when a Volcano will erupt ?

No one knows when a Volcano erupt intill it does . One reason may be because it is a fast moving natural disaster.Something you can use is a gas mask because ash can drown you as it mixes with your saliva . Use a pair of goggles to keep you from going blind.

Lets Talk Funfacts

The tallest volcano in the solar system isn't on Earth. An erupting volcano can trigger tsunamis, earthquakes, flash floods, mudflows and rockfalls.There are 20 volcanos erupting right now. Volcanoes can grow quickly.

Parts of a Volcano

At the top of a volcano is a hollow called a crater . It is the vent where lava and molton rocks comes out . When hot rock and ash shoots high in the air it forms a cone shaped mountain . The magma chamber that builds up pressure .A volcano pipe is a channel that allows molton matireal to travel up and out of a volcano.