Romeo and Juliet

Why has this story endured?

Why is Romeo and Juliet so popular today?

Our observations showed that Romeo and Juliet is mostly read in English classrooms in the current times. This is because Romeo and Juliet contains many key literary elements taught in English today.

Literary Elements in Romeo and Juliet:

Character Foils

Comic Relief




Dramatic Irony





Tragic Hero

Why was it popular when Shakespeare wrote it, but not when it was originally written?

We think Shakespeare brought more detail to the story and he changed the meaning of the moral lesson. Shakespeare's version of Romeo and Juliet is more about love conquering all, and the original version was more about obeying your parents.
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When did the play originate and what made it popular?

The play originated in 1595 and it was popular because he created more of a story than a moral lesson.
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