Global Ambassador Scholars

Fall 2015 Update

Fall Meeting a Success

We were so glad to spend some time with many of you earlier this month for our fall semester dinner meeting at The Five & Dine. For both those that came and those who couldn't, please read over the following scholarship requirements and opportunities in this news bulletin, and let us know if you have any questions. - Drs. Poole & Webber

Global Learning Round Tables Cancelled (Free Your Calendar!)

From Dr. Webber:

This follow-up communication to our dinner meeting is later than I intended because of some scheduling challenges I've had with an event. I was in charge of an event called The Global Learning Round Tables that was scheduled for Nov. 6. Working this event was going to be a strongly recommended option for Global Ambassador Scholars this year to fulfill your Global Learning service component. Then, I lost my space because a Republican presidential candidate was coming and needed the Richardson Ballroom. I finally secured an alternate space only to learn, the end of last week, that all of the Democratic presidential candidates had been invited, same day, to yet another event. Needless to say, the November 6 event of mine (the Global Learning Round Tables) has been cancelled. I will keep you all posted on spring activities that will be available in its place. Thank you to those who had saved the date on your calendar with intent to support global learning on campus in this way.

International Education Week is Coming to Save The Day!

We do, however, have opportunities for you to complete the other (International service component) of your two annual service requirements by supporting the activities of International Education Week, Nov 16 - 20. For more information about International Education Week and exactly how you could be of help, please contact the International Center Asst. Director, Ms. Lindsey Hill at 803.323.3440

Global Ambassador Scholars Service Components Requirements - Important Details

Please see, bookmark (!), and complete the Google form (below) to document each of your two service components this year (complete a form after completing a service requirement; you will complete two this year to stay in good standing with your scholarship). Please remember that you will need to complete service both in support of Global Learning and International. An excellent plan would be to complete your International service this fall during International Week and plan to support Global in the spring. Dr. Poole and I will only be approving continuation of the Global Ambassador Scholarship benefits for 2016 - 17 for those who have completed, and have documented, completing both service components during 2015 - 16.

Water in the World Conference - Go for Free or Go to Work

Finally, Winthrop is conducting a conference on the global resource (and issues) surrounding Water this year. The Water in the World conference is being held on Saturday, November 7. Student registration is $15. Because of the benefits of participating in a professional conference--and the thematic linkage to the very nature of your global scholarship, Dr. Poole and Dr. Webber would like to sponsor/pay your registration fee if any of you are interested in attending this conference. Just email Dr. Webber to let her know if you will be participating, and she'll set you up. See more about the conference at:

IF, instead of attending as a participant, you would like to work that full day in support of the conference to earn your global service requirement, let Dr. Webber know by email so that she can help to arrange this for you.