May/June Update!

First grade- Kirsten's Class

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COMING SOON! First Grade presents...How Raven Got the Sun: A Native American Legend

Thursday, June 4th, 9am

Newtown Friends School

The play will be held in the auditorium.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Reading Workshop

June is approaching fast, and it's so amazing to have seen such growth in the first graders, especially as readers. They are developing in their fluency and thinking skills as readers. I am so proud of each and every one of them and their ability think deeply. They are almost ready for second grade!

This month readers will continue the reader's theater unit. They are loving this unit so much, and they are doing an amazing job! They are creative, enthusiastic and eager to work on memorizing their scripts and work on their blocking . We will continue this unit for another week where we will work with different partners, performing different plays every few days. Look on Facebook for video footage! By the second week in May, we will be starting Book Clubs. Book Clubs foster students collaborating and together thinking deeply about the books they are reading. They will start with reading friendship books followed by mystery books Students are thinking about character traits and learning to describe the main characters in their books.

Later in May, we will focus on questioning and notice the difference between a thin and a thick question. We will finish the year with our "Super Reader" project to celebrate our reading. Super Readers are readers who read to small groups and later to their whole class. (The assignment is in this week's Friday folder.) In June we will concentrate on making summer reading plans and reading lists. We have been having a great time listening to a few popular read alouds including: Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner, Socks by Beverly Cleary, and Mr. Popper's Penquins by Rich and Florence Atwater.

Read to Feed has been an exciting project that we have embarked on, and we can't wait to see how much money we have raised as readers to help other communities and families!

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Writing Workshop

We are wrapping up our opinion writing, editing and fixing and fancying it up. My mid week next week, we will be embarking on Poetry. My favorite unit to teach. Ever. I love poetry, and the students love it too. Now, I think the other writing is pretty neat, but poetry is different to me, and I suppose to the students as well. They are free to open up in any way that they feel, without too many rules, different in some ways from fiction and non-fiction writing. Some of the most beautiful poems I have read have been from my first graders in the 6 years I have been teaching. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing the creativity that develops and what poetry transpires!

We will focus on writing many different kinds of poems such as poems using our senses, emotion poems, color poems, shape poems, acrostic poems, cinquain poems, simile poems, and my favorite, music poems. We will focus on line breaks, endings and rhyming, as well as writing poetry from our heart.

We will have our final writing celebration on June, 5 directly after our Native American play. This will be an informal gathering where children can share a few of their selected pieces of writing with you. We hope you can come. We will send an invite reminder in the Friday Folders. This will be a special treat, you will be so proud of your children.


The next month and a half in math, we will be hitting on many important concepts: division, halves and quarters, time, money and one hundred. Next week we began working division and halves, quarters and thirds. We will then begin with telling time. We will use the Judy clocks, and practice making time to the hour and to the half hour. We also have creative, fun, and challenging centers coming up! Later in the month, we will focus on the 100's chart. We will notice relationships on the one hundreds chart and review tens and ones. Finally, we will finish the month by working with money. We will create a school store using our classroom money, and we will pretend to be shoppers and cashiers!

Social Studies

This month we will be completing our study of the Plains Indians and then moving on to our final region, the Pacific Northwest. As you know, we are working on our play, "How Raven Stole the Sun," which is a folktale from the Pacific Northwest. In addition to our play rehearsals, we will learn about the land, the climate, the foods and some of the traditions of the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest. We hope you can check out our play, which we will perform on June 5th at 10:30.