Week Ahead

Dec. 7-11, 2015

"Different students need a different me." ~Marian Small

Let the joy- and madness- of the holiday season continue! We had a glimpse last week of how the season can bring out the best, and worst, in our students. Some struggle with the excitement, anxiety, reduced sleep, and unstructured routines. We will have to dig deep to remain patient, especially as our own fatigue grows.

This Week:

Mon. Dec 7-Day 2- Joint school council meeting, 6 p.m. @ Tamworth;

Joanne Borges here for Microsoft training; Diane and Sarah a.m.; Pete and Mark p.m.;

Karen at Tamworth 10:30-2:30;

Jan hot lunch and milk orders go home;

Tues. Dec 8-Day 3 Updated IEPs to office

Wed. Dec 9- Day 4- Milkshake day;

Sarah treat day

Dec 10-Day 5- Karen at VP meeting/mentor meeting

Dec 11- Day 1-6/7/8s to Live Different at NDSS, 10:00 a.m.;

Staff party @ Karen's house

Upcoming Events:

Dec 15 Reports go home

Dec 16-

Dec 17- Clothing orders go home;

Pizza hot lunch;

Feedback meetings- Karen and Diane;

Dec 18- milk and hot lunch orders due