Viking Voyage

Come raid with us!!

Score to The Viking Game

Erika- 919 points

Matthew- 945 points

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We will be raiding Northern Scotland. We will sail about 50 miles south of the northernmost tip, where we will land. We will then travel inland to raid a large church, and we'll attack any ships we see on the way there and back.

Necessary traits and weapons of recruits

Highly skilled with weapons

Strong and fast

Good and quick decision making


Knowledge of the sea

Axe and swords

Anything needed to live on a ship for a long time

When we'll leave

We will shove off on the first of May. This will give us a few months to reach Scotland, and get back before the storms get bad again in October. Should we be caught by a storm we will find shelter immediately to wait it out.

Our Rewards








A lot of fun raiding people

All money earned from trip will be split based on rank

We will be gone for about six months.

We will go to our destination, where we will raid the monastery. The hike inland is about 30 miles. We will follow the coastline down toward the bottom, cross the channel, and head back up. Any opposition will be crushed, and we will plunder victoriously!