Wanted: Rhinovirus

Common cold


This wanted criminal is accused of causing a common cold


This outlaw is described as a round-infected ball with arm like things coming out around the whole body

Mode of operation

Affect younger children mostly. They start to have a headache,cough and start to sneeze


Watch out!! This criminal likes to attack mostly humans under the ages of 17


If left to run free, this scoundrel will cause distraction to your respiratory system
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Armed and dangerous

Rhinovirus is not armed and dangerous. The Rhinovirus is not know for killing but it can kill if not taken care of.


Rhinovirus has not been know for hanging around long but if not taken care of it can do lots of damage

Most effective weapons

The best way to contain this vicious villain is to stay in bed and get rest and eat healthy and don't touch anyone so you won't get them sick