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The picture is an active volcano erupting an making lava flow down the side of it

There are many questions about volcanoes like how are they formed,what do volcanoes cause,how many still can erupt (active), and what is volcanic lighting. Volcanoes are formed when magma makes it to the surface of the earth. Volcanoes cause lateral blasts, lava flows,hot ash flows,mudslide,avalanche,falling ash, and floods. There are still around 1500 active volcanoes, or volcanoes that still can erupt. Then out of those about 50% (452) of those volcanoes are located in The Ring of Fire. Volcanic lightning can produce can make the most powerful and visually striking lightning in the world.


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The lava inside the volcano or also know as magma.

I know i will run into you

there are 1500 of you that are active

I see when you are ready lightning clashing all over

when the magma comes out

I don’t know if you will be

sliding down the hill like water

or thick as glue coming down

all I know is that when I see

the lightning or hear a rumble of thunder

I will run out the danger zone which

is 20 miles away from you right now

even away I still smell the burning wood

I know when I come back

that i will have to prepare for

something else that you

made when you went off