Easiest System for Property Management

A Practical Solution

Ally2u comprises of components that is required to properly manage properties for strata ownerships. Condos, apartments, gated and guarded communities will benefit from Ally2u's easy to use web and automated system.

From Accounting, Collection, Operations down to Owners Portal, Ally2u provide seamless integration to ensure everything runs smoothly.

What's Cool in Ally2u?

How It Works?

Automated Billing

Once you're ready, our team will migrate and set up all parameters to get started in no time.

Ally2u supports multiple Billing Profiles to cater for different needs. Standard billings such as Service Charge, Sinking Fund, Water Billing, Rental, Late Interest are presets in Ally2u.

Each Profile has a schedule to be run in the server. It will email a preview (5 days earlier) before the actual billing take place. If any changes needed, contact our support team to do the changes before actual billing is sent out to owners.

Owners can opt for e-billing or standard postal mailings. You can give discounts to owners that sign up for e-billing to encourage less printing.

Guiding Your Office By Emails

Ally2u will email your office what to do periodically, such as overdue invoices, read water meter, unattended issues, etc. Just follow the instructions from the email and you're good to go.

Why Use Ally2u?

Electronic Filing

Scan and attach paper documents to Ally2u. Save office space, easy information retrieval and email friendly.

Take before and after photos of work done and it is automatically added to filing when used with our PMA mobile app.

Keep Your Data

The data belongs to Management Committee. Allows smoother transition when changing property managers by ensure system running continuously.

Reduce Cost

No need to hire expensive managers that tell you what to do and spend more money. Give the staff that does the actual work an Android phone and improve their performance.

Save on accounting fees too, part time accountant is sufficient.

Focus on KPIs

Focus on Collection, Operations and Maintenance indicators.

Ally2u comes with Preventive Maintenance checklist to track jobs done. That's all needed to ensure a healthy and properly-managed property.

Solves High Staff Turnover

Operation Tracking and Check-Lists serves both as a guidance and reporting structure. A systematic guide is useful for any novice to easily pick-up on what to do.

Run a system like fast-food chains that do not suffer from high staff-turnover. In fact, staff are motivated to work for companies that uses systems and recognize performance systematically.

Improve and Maintain Your Property and bring up the Property Value

Example of Reports

  • Accounting - Payables report such as Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices, Creditor Aging, Income Statement, Balance Sheet.
  • Collection - Owner Listing, Collection Summary, Aging, Reminders.
  • Operations - Complaints Status, Maintenance Performed, Overdue & Missed Tasks.

Send us a request if there's a new report that you wanted - we are your IT department.

It's Faster, Easier and Accurate for Owners and Management Office

Questions & Answers

  1. How much does it costs?
    Our pricing is by modules. The below price is based on monthly subscription:
    Accounting - $200, Collection - $400, Operations - $400, Owners Portal - Free, PMA - Free
  2. Can I just use the Free modules?
    No. The free modules are dependent on other modules. Refer to the Overview Diagram for details.
  3. Is there any charges to accept payment using credit cards?
    Yes, Ally2u impose a 3% charge on credit card transactions.
  4. What are the server requirements?
    None. You do not need to buy any server as it is hosted in our servers in datacenters.
  5. Is my data safe?
    Yes, we do daily backup of your data and you can download the backup files if you wish.
  6. How about setup fees and others charges?
    There's none, setup, data migration, etc. is all free. All support can be performed via Internet and Phone.
  7. Is there any minimum contract period?
    Yes, our minimum period is 6 months.
  8. Is there any discounts if pay in advance?
    Yes, yearly payment will be entitled for 5% discount.

How Can We Start?

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