Preschool News


All About the Week

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. The kids were very excited to share all about their new toys from Santa! In class we started our topic of study on the Polar Regions. This week we focused on the climate and geography of both places. In the next few weeks we will get into deeper discussion about each place and their habitats. In reading we met Benny Bear and learned all about the letter B. In math we reviewed numbers and 2D shapes, preparing us to learn about 3D shapes next week. On Wednesday we had a wonderful afternoon recess playing out in the snow ( see pictures below)!


- Please remember to send all snow stuff everyday ( pants, coats, boots, hats, and gloves) :)
- If you are missing any of these items let me know - I will start a lost and found section on the newsletter.
- I will be gone February 11th on parent teacher conference night, so if you have a conference that day I will need to reschedule it. I will schedule conferences til 5 on the Monday ( 8th) and Wednesday (10th) or I can find an open slot for you on Tuesday night (9th). If you can't remember when your scheduled time is I will send home something next week to reschedule :) Thanks in advance for your flexibility.