RED FLAG Monthly Action Challenges

Raising Empowered Daughters,Fostering Leadership Among Girls

Challenge # 1 Get Healthy in How We Speak

Try avoiding complimenting anyone on their physical appearance this month, including yourself. No conversations about losing weight or being pretty. Instead, tell the loved ones in your life how smart they are, how you admire their confidence or even just how happy they seem! Celebrate the talents and abilities of those around you without mentioning appearance.

Have a discussion with 3 other people in your life about the issues around objectifying women and their appearances, moving towards celebrating women’s talents and abilities in the way we speak about them.

By shifting the way we talk about this subject we can begin to shift the entire mindset around what it means to be healthy. It is time we stop judging ourselves and others by what is in the mirror, and instead see in everyone the same potential for greatness.

Challenge # 2 Celebrating Dads Who Empower Girls

Think of a Dad who empowers girls to dream big and achieve their goals. Provide 1-3 examples of how they do it.

As a Dad, what will you do achieve this?

How does this dad model gender equality for his daughter in his relationships with women, including his spouse, colleagues and friends?

As a Dad, what is one wish or hope for your daughter and the world she grows up in?

Challenge # 3 Pornification of the Media

The pornification of mainstream media is numbing our boys and men to the true value of women. Encourage people in your life to not have magazines, or TV shows on, that objectify women on their covers in our homes for the month. If they arrive in the mail, let's recycle them (not as a gift - just stick them right in the blue recycling bins) and see if anyone truly misses them. Then, at the end of the month, let us know how this action has impacted your home!

This month have a conversation with the men and boys in our lives. We know that most men do not want to intentionally demean and devalue women in this way, and that education is the key to shifting behavior. So regardless of your gender, find time to sit down with a male loved one this week and discuss the effect that female objectification in mainstream culture is having on all of us. Encourage them to join you in Getting Healthy and consuming media that uplifts women instead of limiting them.

Challenge # 4 Work With A Local School to Host a Screening

Has your local school considered a Miss Representation Day? There is an education curriculum appropriate for every age group and it is available to any school in Canada. Whether you are a parent, educator, or simply a conscientious community member, you can gift the film to a K-12 institution of your choice!

Moreover, you can lobby your schools to dedicate the time and energy needed for an extensive conversation around the representation of gender in media and how this impacts our societal norms. Beyond watching the documentary, encourage them to sponsor a Miss Representation Day in your neighborhood. If possible, participate in the conversation yourself.

No matter where you are in the world, together we can inspire the next generation to get excited about feminism - about equality - and the betterment of our society!

Challenge # 5 Champion Women!!

The first action on our path to becoming effective mentors and sponsors for women was letting go of judgment, envy, and the notion that there isn't enough room for all of us to succeed.

This month openly celebrate the women in our lives! Whether it's writing a blog about their inspiring accomplishments or just pointing out their talents at the office, we want to publicly acknowledge at least one woman around us for what makes her special and unique, beyond her appearance. Women are often denied the encouragement and accolades that men receive for their accomplishments and their ability to lead. And without that recognition and support, women and girls won't develop the confidence they need to succeed.

Challenge # 6 Be the Best Version of Yourself & Find Inspiration Nearby

Part of being a model in your community is being the very best version of yourself and personifying the characteristics you would like to see in the world around you. Let’s step back this month to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses in order to be more effective change agents in our community. Take some time to write down three characteristics you like about yourself and three you'd like to improve upon. Then use the lists to focus your time and energy on being the best version of yourself!

This action is not just about self-improvement, it's about acquiring the skills necessary to inspire those around you. By first acknowledging your shortcomings and then being purposeful about your actions, you can work efficiently towards your goal of being a transformative mentor and model in your everyday life!

Next, let’s look at Who do you admire for their ability to address challenges like yours? Jot down a list of the people who you look up to in your personal life and why you admire them. Think about how they might be able to help - or are already helping - you move forward towards your best self. You might be surprised to find so much inspiration already present in your life!


red flag


1. A warning of danger or a signal to stop.

2. Something that demands attention or provokes an irritated reaction.

RED FLAG is a group of concerned parents who are demanding attention and change to the media’s harmful misrepresentations of women which have led to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence, and many other intolerable circumstances for women and girls. It's time we raise the red flag. It's time for change. Let it begin with us and our daughters.