Brenham ISD is Going Google!

Intro to Gmail

In Transition . . .

Learn about your account this semester and practice using it. In January, set up First Class to forward mail to your new account and begin using exclusively. Say good bye to First Class in June 2013 when we pull the plug. Live happily google after.


Go to

Your email address is:

Your password is: gs+yourFirstClassPassword

1. Basics

* Compose

* Reply

* Forward

* Print

* View Conversation

For detailed directions on using gmail, click here.

2. Labels

Labels help you organize email messages. They are better than folders because you can apply more than one label to an email message.

* Create a label

* Apply your label

For detailed directions on creating and using labels, click here.

3. Contacts

* Brenham ISD Directory

* Add Personal Contacts

For detailed directions on creating contacts, click here.

4. Settings

* Signature File

For detailed directions on creating a signature file, click here.

5. Getting Mail on Your Smart Phone