All About Me

Taylor Thompson

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My Background♥

I was born in FairFax, VA where I lived until I was two. From there I moved to Lincolnton, NC and attended school there until I ended 2nd grade and finally transferred into the Newton-Conover School System over at South Newton Elementary. My parent's are divorced: I live with my mom and have one sister who is 4 years younger. School is and has always been a huge part of my life.. My academic goals include finishing as salutatorian and attending NC State or Clemson to major in engineering!

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My history of science in school isn't the best, even back in the elementary school years. Math has always been something I'm good at, but science..not so much. They say the two come hand in hand but for me science is more of a struggle. Until chemistry my junior year of high school, I hadn't really understood or learned much in a science class. However, I feel that sciences that incorporate math into them aren't as much of a hassle, and I actually find them very interesting!