Ethan Miller

what is uranium?

uranium is the chemical element of atomic number 92, a gray, dense radioactive metal used as a fuel in nuclear reactors.
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mining uranium is a way to extract uranium. uranium ore is extracted from the Earth, typically through deep underground shafts or shallow open pits. This traditional method has largely become obsolete since the introduction of alternative extraction methods
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Milling is the most common way of extracting uranium. In milling, the mined ore is crushed, and a second extraction process chemically leaches the uranium from the ore and concentrates it to produce a material called "yellowcake" because of its yellowish color
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environmental effects

there are a few effects on the environment that occur because of uranium milling....

1.The release of gaseous radon-222 to the atmosphere

2. Possible dust loading of contaminants from the impoundment due to natural wind


3. The localized effect of direct external gamma radiation exposure from the tailings


4. Ground seepage and subsequent contamination of local aquifers, which has the potential to affect the water supply

5. Dam failure due to erosion or natural disasters (flood, earthquake, etc.)

6. Improper use of tailings as a building material