Avid Reflection

what i learned this semester

cornell notes and tutorials

I've grown into a student this semester by keeping my Cornell notes organized and optional and ready for all my classes. Tutorials have been good for me because when I get confused on a certain question then I would put it on my trf. My tutor would help me during tutorial days which is on Monday and Tuesday.


I think having a trf is very important to your point of confusion. Trf's are very important because when you have a question on a certain problem you can put it on a trf .On tutorial days your question will be answered with a tutor that will help you through the problem.

orginization and writing skills

Organization isn't only important to Avid but to life as well. Organization is important to life as well because when your binder is organized you can find any paper and you wont have to worry about losing anything. I learned that writing skills are important this semester because you need to know what you wrote and how you write it.
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public communication

In public communication it is important to be loud. Public communication is mainly for announcements. Also for sharing your papers like your stories when you were young or in the past.
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community service

Community service is a good thing. If you are in Avid this is important . Like when we pass out turkeys for people that cant afford turkeys for their family's no matter how cold or hot.
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When doing reflections it is important to put more than one word. You should write truthfully and honestly on your reflection. Reflections are based on what you've learned this from your trf question.

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By: Leslie Dagen