Week 3 - Study Skills

How did you learn to work smarter?

Coordinator Guidance
If you are enrolled at Ashford University, you can check hard worker off the list; we know what it takes to work, have a family and find time to have fun! Every college student that has found academic success has one at least one thing in common- they learned how to study. Like many things in life, it takes time, patience and practice to learn how to be an effective student when it comes to studying. For some, the learning curve on the way to studying success means large adjustments. For example, as working adults with children, finding quiet, uninterrupted times to sit and focus on work can be tough - what adjustments have you made to make this possible? Are you an early riser or night owl? For others, the adjustments are not as large, but still necessary. Little changes like putting your smart phone in another room (don't worry, your Facebook friends will still be there in 2 hours!) and turning music on is a great way to focus and work efficiently. What little adjustments have you made to help you improve your study skills? Makes sure to share what has worked for you, listen to their their studying plan and offer your suggestions for improvement!

This week, our syllabus requires your mentee to complete a couple worksheets and send to you. If your mentee is fully engaged and ready to complete these they can be great tools. If you don't feel your mentee is ready, you can use them as a tool to guide your communication, but don't feel the need to force anything on them. Remember, you are not their instructor and we don't want this to seem like "homework". CHAMPS is designed to help you transfer the knowledge you have learned so use your best judgement on how to relay what it takes to be an effective while studying.

This week

Life as an adult learner is complex – fitting in study time is tough, but necessary! Watch the Where is the oddest place you have studied and the Finding Time for Studying videos and discuss your own situation and where/how you plan on studying with your mentor

Watch this informative video on effective ways to improve your time management

Mentee will complete the Mindtools productivity quiz and discuss results with mentor